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Welcome to our Developers’ documentation! Regardless of whether you are a Tracking Specialist, Front-end developer, CTO, or even from Security & Compliance, you will find all key information here.

This part of our documentation will outline and point you towards the following key themes:

If you are new to Bloomreach Engagement, we recommend that you start here. This section will provide an overview of how the platform works, the basics of our data flow and structure, and will help you grasp all the key technical concepts. In the end, you should have a high-level understanding of the technical workings of our platform.

This section provides a complete detailed overview and guidelines on integrating your business with Bloomreach Engagement via StartRight - an integration process designed by our technical experts. This includes StartRight timeline and process overview, and detailed guides through each integration type.

Here you can find a complete guide on enabling and configuring web tracking on your website through our Javascript SDK, plus our technical documentation to our Mobile SDKs, or the Python SDK.

Besides our detailed API Reference, we have also documented all key information regarding working with our API, including authentication and permissioning within the app, and a complete step-by-step practical example to Making your first call.

Links to other parts of our documentation that might be useful to developers too include:

We are proud to support nearly 100 3rd party integrations and we have prepared guides to some of the most used ones. Our open integration architecture using real-time APIs, Webhook, batch CSV/XML, or databases-based exchange, allows us to exchange data and trigger actions with most CRM, ERP, AdTech, MarTech solutions, communication channels, and various databases, both on-premise and cloud-based. The approach varies and while not always out of the box, provides a flexible and customizable solution to suit particular use cases and situations.

We have always taken the topics of security and privacy at Bloomreach very seriously. It is our highest priority to protect the data we work with, including our clients’ data. This is why we have dedicated an extensive part of our documentation to outline our Security Architecture, Security Controls, as well as Consent Management, Managing PII, or practical GDPR Use Cases.

We are also proud to show our security and privacy certificates, including GDPR and ISO certifications proving our diligent approach to safe and secure development and operational practices, quality management, and protection of sensitive data in cloud-hosted environments.

Data ingestion

The fundamentals about our data ingestion concepts can be found in the Technical Overview, to find out more about data structure, you can check out our Data Structure article or go more in-depth in our documentation under Data & Assets and Imports.

Data activation and exports

You can process the raw data with our Analyses tools, create custom metrics and definitions, and use these for Campaigns, Ads retargeting, AI-driven Predictions, Product Recommendations or website optimization features. Customer properties can be used for further campaign personalization using Jinja. Raw data can be exported in a custom-defined structure to any file storage via any of the existing file storage integrations - such as our Bloomreach Engagement BigQuery.

Other tools and guides

In Bloomreach Engagement, we have taken the time to work on some handy tools or informative guides that you might find helpful when working with our platform. These include the Bloomreach Engagement Console, DataLayer Helper documentation, Custom Tracking Domain (CTD) documentation, or our Video guides.

Other features you might be interested in

If you wish to delve deeper into our platform and its specific features, you might be interested, for example, in the following:

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