Welcome to our API Reference. This part of our documentation consists of several sections, including:


In this section, you will be able to get a high-level overview of our API, including how it works and what can it be used for. This section also includes an overview of how Authentication works with Engagement API and what kind of tools we use for configuration.

Get started

The Get Started section includes step-by-step detailed information about what you need to do to start using the Engagement API. It is divided into 4 major sub-sections:

Find out how to set everything up within the Bloomreach Engagement application in order to start using the API. This includes setting up the necessary accesses using our API Groups, or permissions within these groups.

Authorization header

This includes the technical theory of creating an authorization header, that you will need in order to make an API call.

Making your first call

This subsection puts all of the information outlined previously in a practical step-by-step walkthrough on a concrete example of consent management.

Tips and Best Practices

In the last subsection, we will look at some tips and best practices that you might find useful.

API Reference

In this largest and arguably most important section, you will find all of our API methods outlined, including descriptions of all parameters and a TryIt function that lets you input your own values and execute a simulated API call.

Our API methods are split into the following groups:

Group nameAPI route
Authorization API/data/v2/projects/{projectToken}/access-keys
Tracking API/track/v2/projects/{projectToken}
GDPR API/data/v2/projects/{projectToken}/customers
Customer API/data/v2/projects/{projectToken}/customers
Analysis API/data/v2/projects/{projectToken}/analyses
Catalog API/data/v2/projects/{projectToken}/catalogs
Email API/email/v2/projects/{projectToken}/sync
Import/Export API/data/v2/projects/{projectToken}/imports