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What is Bloomreach Engagement

Bloomreach Engagement (formerly Exponea) is a robust platform with the ability to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that provide your customers with remarkable online journeys.

More specifically, the unique merging of customer data from various sources enhances the performance of Engagement’s tools, such as email service provider, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and web personalization. This powerful combination gives rise to effective marketing campaigns across multiple channels boosting revenue.

Why is Bloomreach Engagement so powerful?

The added value of Engagement lies in two main strengths:

1. Magical experiences

Engagement combines real-time data, data generated by itself as well as your own imports. This extensive data is then unified, creating a 360° customer profile for each buyer.

Analyzing the in-depth customer views will help you better understand customer behavioral patterns. For example, Engagement can uncover which customers are important for your business or where in their lifecycle they are so that it is easier to target the audience more effectively.

Our AI-powered platform then offers AB testing to evaluate the best-performing version of your webpage, email campaigns, and scenarios so that you can make smarter revenue-generating decisions. In addition, Engagement’s industry-leading machine learning capabilities help you determine the course of action, such as the optimal email sending time or personalized product recommendations.

In other words, Engagement is a GDPR-compliant platform that combines analytics and execution under one roof. It makes personalized cross-channel communication with your customers as easy and customizable as ever.

2. Lightning speed

You can use our Plug&Play use cases to launch hyper-personalized campaigns easily yourself. The platform allows you to capitalize on Bloomreach expert knowledge compiled in numerous out-of-the-box use cases in no time. With Engagement’s user-friendly content editing options, you can create your own fully automated campaigns swiftly without complex coding or IT assistance.

Moreover, Engagement processes data instantly, enabling you to create insightful reports with real-time data unique to your current business needs. Thus, Engagement will help you bring value to your company rocket-fast.

Key features

Unify customer data from various sources into single customer views. Enrich your data even further by connecting to 3rd-party services via our built-in integrations or API.

Recommend the right products and predict customer behavior thanks to our advanced AI algorithms being able to identify customers with the highest conversion probability.

Use advanced analytics to understand customer behavior even better. Currently, ten tools provide in-depth analysis. For example, create segmentations to group customers based on their attributes and behavior to know whom to target. Or analyze funnels to study the development of your conversion rate.

Effortlessly launch personalized campaigns through Engagement’s built-in channels (email, SMS/MMS, web/mobile push notifications, weblayers, in-app messages, webhooks, Adtech audiences, or API and orchestrate a wonderful customer journey.

Enhance your email marketing with AI-boosted personalization and targeting. Easily design emails using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, evaluate them via dashboards and reports, A/B test, and optimize them.

Use experiments to enhance your web experience without IT assistance.

A/B test your campaigns and adjust them thanks to the instant reports of their performance powered by AI.

Bring value to your business fast, for example, by using our numerous Plug&Play use cases, recommendation templates, and other templates.


Bloomreach Engagement offers a variety of channels to market your campaigns:

Supported browsers

Make sure you are using a supported version when working with Engagement.

Engagement supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

For the Engagement app, the last two versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox ESR are supported.

The experiments editor currently supports only the latest two Google Chrome versions. We aim to eventually have the same browser support as the Engagement app.

Engagement documentation overview

You can see a general overview with the drop-down menu on the left. Engagement documentation includes various parts:

Get to know Engagement

About Engagement

You are currently on the About Engagement page where Engagement is introduced.

Engagement Updates

Here you can find out about the latest updates to documentation articles and upcoming changes and features.

Engagement Hub

This section presents educational opportunities about Engagement so that you are able to use the platform fully.

Getting started

Check this page out to better understand how Engagement works and operates with data. Very useful are the video guides to our features as well as some tips from our consultants.


Protection of the used data is our highest priority, so learn more about our measures to stay compliant.


Similar to security, the value of privacy is highly regarded, and here you can discover how Engagement is compliant with GDPR.

Engagement services

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Engagement provides Support, Slack community, and an Engagement instance if you ever need assistance.

Working with Engagement


The articles under this section describe each Plug&Play use case in detail, allowing you to set them up easily yourself by following the guides.


Learn about all types of campaigns, analyses, data and assets, integrations, recommendations , and predictions manual through our extensive guides.

Working with emails

This section helps you better grasp the emailing features of Engagement from the initial setup through email optimization to evaluation.

Using Engagement

This section consists of more advanced guides to the usage of Engagement. Additional key features are explained, such as AB testing , webhooks, Jinja, and more.

Business use cases

You can find a set of handy use cases regarding customer analysis, email campaigns, surveys, web layers, and recommendations. You can also learn about quick use cases, set up in 10 minutes.

Technical side of Engagement


This part of the documentation is especially useful for Tracking Specialists, CTOs, and Front-end developers.

API reference

Find everything you need to know about our API, from the overview of how the API functions to all of our API methods.

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