Email List Hygiene Filter

Email list hygiene filter allows for project-level filtering of customers who should not receive any email campaign in order to manage the health of your subscribers' list. We recommend following the emailing best practices and targeting only active subscribers.

When the feature is turned on, the filter you set within this feature will apply automatically for all campaigns in your project. Any customer that matches the filter will not receive any email, with the exception of those sent via transactional API, or when using general consent.

To set up an Email list hygiene filter go to Project settings > Campaigns > Channels > Emails > Email list hygiene filter > Edit filter.

There is a default filter available following the best practices to filter out inactive users, however, the filter can be fully customized to match your requirements.

You can read more about how exactly filtering works in our Filtering data article.

Default filter

The predefined filter excludes the following customer segments:

  • Subscribers who have not engaged for more than 180 days, were sent an email in the last 180 days * and signed up more than 90 days ago
  • Subscribers who have engaged in the last 90 - 180 days and were sent an email in the last 7 days
  • Subscribers who signed up more than 90 days ago but never engaged
    and those who soft-bounced at least 3 times in the last 7 days.


The filter significantly alters the number of email recipients

  • When reviewing campaigns via the Test tab, if clients are excluded due to an email hygiene list, they won't be counted in the total number of customers passing through the email node. Consequently, you may notice a significant difference in the customer count.