How To Adjust the Email Design and Settings in the Use Case Center

Design & Copy

Customize the email visuals and copy to align with your company's brand identity.

To make these adjustments, open the email node, go to Design > Editor, and customize the visual side of the email to your liking.

Adjust aspects such as:

  • Main fields - subject line, sender email, etc.
  • Visual aspect - colors, logo, header, footer, etc.
  • Content - copy in the email body etc.

To learn more, please visit this article.



If you need to edit the email node with products, please go to this guide.


Each use case center email has pre-defined settings that best suit the use case goal and logic.

To access email settings, go to Design > Settings. The majority of email settings have tooltips ℹ️ for better understanding.

  • Recipient - opt either for Customer matching campaign or Set recipient manually option
  • Frequency policy - number of emails customers can receive within a specified timeframe
  • Consent category - consent required to receive the email
  • Throughput policy - select a pre-defined Throughput policy or define a new one
  • Link transformation -
  • Transfer identity to URL links - we highly recommend using the default setting for security purposes and to prevent corruption customer data
  • Custom headers -
  • Custom campaign tracking - the possibility of narrowing down your audience with filtering
  • Audience - pre-defined audience with filtering to best fit the use case needs

Read more about email settings in this article.