Sendtric allows you to create customizable countdown timers to maximize conversions, generate more sales, and inject urgency into your emails.

You can use customizable countdown timers without integrating Sendtric to Bloomreach, making it easy to use.

Using Sendtric

This guide will cover the basics of integrating Sendtric countdown timers into the Bloomreach Engagement platform.

1. Add Countdown Timer

  1. Create your timer in Sendtric and copy the HTML Code.
  1. If you do not already have an email template, go to Campaigns > Email campaigns > + New Email Campaign.
  1. In your email template, drag and drop the HTML component where you want the countdown to appear.
  1. Click on the new HTML Block and paste the HTML Code into Content Properties.
  2. To center the timer, add this code to Content Properties:
<table align=”center”>
      <td>{your timer code goes here}</td>

Add Dynamic Timer



Dynamic Timers are only available in the Power and Enterprise plans in the Pro Edition. Sign up for a plan today on Sendtric’s Pricing page.

Dynamic Timers allow the creation of timers programmatically using a variable to represent the end time as a Unix timestamp.

This may be useful for special offers that should be active for 24 hours after being sent to a user.

  1. In Sendtric, go to Timers > + Create New.
  1. Go to Timer Type > Dynamic.
  1. Follow steps 1-5 of Add Countdown Timers.



Bloomreach Engagement offers a number of different DATE and TIMESTAMPS that can be leveraged.

For instance, {{ event.timestamp }}, or {{ time }}.

Checkout this guide for more information on useful Jinja snippets that you can use in Bloomreach Engagement.

Visit the Sendtric Documentation for more information about specific countdown timers.