EVALUATE - Scenario Check After Execution

Once the scenario is active or has been active, the "EVALUATE" tab provides view on how customers are (or were) actually passing through the scenario flow. In addition, the "EVALUATE" section contains Click map (for email campaigns), Results (basic out of the box dashboard), and optionally also the custom dashboards.

View tab

In the view tab, by hovering with cursor over the nodes in the scenario, the following can be observed:

(1) If the scenario is active and running

  • How customers are actually passing through the flow in real-time.

(1) If the scenario if inactive and stopped

  • How customers passed through the scenario from start until it was stopped.

The view tab provides a quick overview on the scenario execution. This helps also with troubleshooting when a lot of customers unexpectedly get stuck somewhere in the scenario or there are errors or aborts in some of the action nodes. Hover over each node to reveal how many customers have entered, successfully completed, or got stuck in that node.

Click map

Under "Click map," you can find click heatmaps for analyzing your customer's interactions with your campaign.

Results and Email campaign results

When you are in the "EVALUATE" section, you can click on "Email campaign result" underneath the button to access the out-of-the-box dashboard that contains all key metrics for evaluating your email campaign or comparing conversions within your A/B testing. You can watch this video to learn more:


Legacy Results

Under the tab Results you can still access our legacy email dashboard, which will be deprecated in the future.