Custom CDN Domains

There are two types of domains used by Bloomreach Engagement that can be customized:

  • Customer Delivery Network (CDN) domain for
    • single-tenant instances
    • multi-tenant instances (BETA)

Custom CDN domain

The default CDN domain is It has several functions, namely:

  • Consent page
  • Surveys
  • Email click tracking - all email links go through the CDN link and then redirect to the target URL
  • Email open tracking pixel

Custom CDN domain set up

Create a domain

Follow the 4-step instructions from the Custom Domain Management article. Once complete, continue with the following steps and configure the domain in project settings.

Add DNS records

Add DNS records on both your Bloomreach Engagement app and the client's side.



Only the Super Admin role or a combination of both Account Admin with the Instance Manager role can change the field Custom Public URL.

Once the DNS records are set up, the domain needs to be configured in the respective project(s) where you expect it to be used. This should be done in Project Settings by filling in the 'Custom Public URL' field as shown below. Don't forget to save the settings.