Yotpo Loyalty

Enrich your marketing strategy with subscription, and loyalty-based customer data to double the engagement rates of your customers. Using Yotpo Loyalty integration will help you enhance the overall value your current or prospective subscription customers bring throughout their engagement with you.

Yotpo Loyalty integration provides you with the possibility to analyze customer loyalty and execute omnichannel marketing campaigns. You can also use Bloomreach Engagement's AI-driven capabilities on your Yotpo data in real time.

Apart from the main capabilities when integrating Engagement and Yotpo, the integration helps you make the process of sending email campaigns, push notifications, creating experiments, or just analyzing your loyalty data, much easier and more efficient.

How the Integration Works

Yotpo Loyalty is a one-direction integration, that sends data from Yotpo Loyalty to Bloomreach Engagement. Data is synced in real time and events are present in Bloomreach Engagement as loyalty_ events.

Customer Attributes

When syncing your data from Yotpo, these customer attributes are tracked in Yotpo Loyalty:

Yotpo Customer AttributesDescription
yotpo_loyalty_points_balanceNumber of points
yotpo_loyalty_tierLoyalty tier
yotpo_points_expire_atPoints expiration date

Events Tracked

When syncing your data from Yotpo, these events are tracked in Bloomreach Engagement:

Event name in Bloomreach EngagementYotpo Trigger
loyalty_couponCoupon Earned (Awarded), Coupon Earned (Redeemed), Custom Reward Redeemed
loyalty_birthdayCustomer Birthday
loyalty_anniversaryCustomer Anniversary
loyalty_pointsPoints changed, Points earned, Points Reminder
loyalty_tierVIP tier earned, VIP tier lost
loyalty_referralReferral Link Share, Referral Share Reminder, Referral Product Share Link, Referral Product Share Reminder, Referral Completed
consentLoyalty Opt-In / -Out

Setup in a Nutshell

1. Add New Integration

To integrate with Yotpo Loyalty go to Data and Assets > Integrations > Add new integration > Yotpo Loyalty.

2. Authenticate the Integration

To authenticate with Yotpo Loyalty select Customer ID mapping, to decide which customer ID should be used for identifying events coming from Yotpo based on:

  • Email
  • External Customer ID (optional)

3. Decide Which Data You Want To Track

You can decide which customer properties from Yotpo you would like to keep receiving and under which customer attribute should it be tracked in Bloomreach Engagement.

  • Points balance
  • Loyalty tier
  • Expire at

4. Decide To Track Consents

You can decide if you want to track Yotpo Loyalty consents inside Bloomreach and under which consent category.

5. Save the Integration and Create a Webhook

Once all the steps are done, click the Save integration button and see the automatically generated Webhook URL.

Copy and paste the Webhook URL inside the General Settings inside your Yotpo Loyalty account.

6. Additional Security

For additional security, it is recommended to create a password inside the Webhook Authentication field inside the Yotpo Loyalty account.

7. Finish the Integration Setup

Once you are done, save your configuration inside Yotpo and come back to your integration window inside Bloomreach.

Provide Webhook Authentication inside Bloomreach by using exactly the same password that has been used in Yotpo and save your configuration inside Bloomreach.

Now, once a new loyalty event is triggered by Yotpo Loyalty you should automatically see it inside Bloomreach.

How to uninstall Yotpo Loyalty Integration

Follow the steps below to uninstall the Yotpo integration:

  1. Navigate to the integration page and search for the Webhook URL.
  2. Proceed to the general settings in Yotpo. Find the Webhook URL from the integration page under the Webhook URL section and remove it manually.
  3. Uninstall the integration in Engagement.

Use Cases

Yotpo Loyalty integration helps you configure many use cases, a few of them listed here:

  • Segment customers based on their loyalty data.
  • Personalize communications by injecting customer-level loyalty data.
  • Trigger loyalty messages based on loyalty events such as VIP tier achieved, and points.
  • Display loyalty data about customers to hyper-personalize their experience and drive action (only x points away from next tier & benefit, etc.).



Yotpo Loyalty Availability on Some Instances Only

The Yotpo Loyalty integration is available on some instances only. This means that some single-tenant instances and new multi-tenant instances may need manual activation of the Yotpo Loyalty integration by the engineering team first. This is generally requested during a new instance setup or can be requested any time later by contacting our Live chat or your Customer Success Manager.