Yotpo Loyalty Integration provides you with possibility to analyze customer loyalty and execute omnichannel marketing campaigns. You can also use Bloomreach Engagement's AI-driven capabilities on your Yotpo data real-time.

Apart from the main capabillities when integrating Engagement and Yotpo, the integration helps you make the process of sending email campaigns, push notifications, creating experiments, or just analyzing your loyalty data, much easier and more efficient as possible!


Set up process

During onboarding, you will be assigned a Technical Consultant, who will use middleware to reformat any webhooks from Yotpo in order to capture the data in Bloomreach. Engagement. The Technical Consultant will then provide you with a Webhook URL to be set up in your Yotpo project.

Use cases

Yotpo integration helps you with a configuring many use cases, a few of them listed here:

  • Welcome Email (to Loyalty)
  • Monthly statement
  • Annual Statement
  • Loyalty-specific communication via using custimization in omnichannel marketing communication

Syncing your data

When syncing your data from Yotpo, these customer properties are updated and events are triggered in Bloomreach Engagement:

Customer properties updatedEvents triggered
emailcoupon earned (awarded)
first_namecoupon earned (redeemed)
last_namecustom reward redeemed
points_earnedcustomer birthday
points_balancecustomer birthday captured
referral_linkcustomer anniversary
last_seencustomer anniversary captured
vip_tierdonation created
birth_monthloyalty opt in / out
birth_daypoints chnaged
birth_yearpoints earned
anniversary_monthpoints reminder
anniversary_dayredemption below threshold
anniversary_yearredemption cancellation request
platform_account_created_atredemption reminder
phone_numberreferral link share
loyalty_memberreferral share reminder
opt_in_datereferral completed
VIP Tier earned
VIP Tier lost
VIP Tier status changed

When syncing your data from Bloomreach Engagement to Yotpo, these actions are supported:

  • Create/update customer records
  • Record a customer action
  • Points redemptions
  • Order/refund tracking
  • Control of in-browser campaigns and popups


To do the sync from Bloomreach Engagement to Yotpo, you should prepare a simple AUTH header and standard Engagement webhook template.