Criteo is an advertising company that re-targets ads to re-engage customers. You can re-target customers using Criteo based on selection criteria established in Bloomreach Engagement.

How the Integration Works

Advertise more effectively with Criteo. Criteo uses data-driven advertising technology to target specific audiences and deliver customized and relevant content.

You can add or remove customer(s) from a specific audience in Criteo. This audience can then be used within Criteo for an ad campaign. You can also create a segment of a contact list type that you can add or remove customers to and from.

Setup in a Nutshell



  • You need to have a Bloomreach Engagement project with scenarios and integration access.
  • You need to link your Criteo admin account with the advertiser account using the app-generated URL.

1. Activate the App

Reach out to your CSM/AM to create an app and generate API keys for you.

However, if you want to create a new app yourself, go to Criteo and click Start building.

Fill out the Name and the Description. You can also add a custom logo for the app

Select Client credentials > C-Growth and Marketing Solutions.

Grant the level of access for the different domains and click Activate app.

Once you activate the app, a Bloomreach consultant will generate a URL for you to approve your advertising account. Paste the URL in your browser and approve the app.

API Keys

Your Bloomreach consultant will generate the necessary API keys and insert them into the Bloomreach platform as an OAuth integration.

If you created your own app, click on Create new key. You will need these for the OAuth integration.

2. OAuth Integration

Add the OAuth 2.0 Authentication integration.

  1. In Bloomreach Engagement, go to Data & Assets > Integrations > OAuth > + Add new integration.
  2. Search for OAuth 2.0 Authentication and click on +Add integration.
  3. Fill out all the text fields based on the file in the last step of Activate the App section. Test the integration and click on Save integration.

Webhook Templates

Criteo provides you with 2 Webhook templates in Bloomreach Engagement. The templates will make your work with segments easier. To access the templates go to your scenario. Under Actions click on Other.

Create Audience

Pay attention to the information because you are most likely going to use this template for single-time uses.

Simply input the Contact List Name and Segment Name (these can be the same) and insert the Advertiser ID. The webhook success response will be in the form of a JSON object.



Use the same Advertiser ID that you used when accepting the app to work with your advertiser account.

The success response will include the Contact List ID. You will use this in the second template.

Add/Remove Customers from Audience

Use this template when you want to add or remove customers from specific audiences.

Insert the Contact List ID into the Criteo Audience ID field and select add or remove.



The identifier passed to Criteo will always be email.


Rate Limits

Criteo’s Marketing Solutions API enforces a rate limit on the number of requests you can perform per minute. The rate limits are implemented at the App level and allow for a maximum of 250 requests per minute. You can find out more about Rate Limits in Criteo’s documentation.

API Keys

  1. You are only allowed to add or remove customers into audiences that are created by the same API keys.
  2. To generate the API keys, a Bloomreach consultant must use the Bloomreach Partner account and create an app dedicated to the client.