AI Content Generator

AI Content Generator is a great marketing tool powered by Loomi AI that helps you to create excellent marketing copywriting content directly in the campaign editor. The Generator, which is powered by ChatGPT, generates marketing copywriting content based on the current placement, specified theme, and selected language used in your campaigns.


AI Content Generator availability in BETA

This feature is currently available in the BETA version, but we are working on its improvement.

This guide provides you with more details about:

  • how to generate your content,
  • when the generator might be useful,
  • and its general limitations.

How to generate your content

The content generator can be found and used in the following scenario nodes: email, SMS, MMS, browser push notification, and mobile push notification. However, you can use the generator directly in email campaigns too.

To generate your content, follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to access it by clicking on the robot-like icon in the bottom right corner to open the generator in your campaign editor.

  1. Then the sidebar opens where you need to select the right theme and right language.
  2. Click on the "Generate content" button to get the output.
  3. If the right content is generated, you can use it via "copy to clipboard" functionality later in your campaign.


If you are not happy with the generated result, you can always try it again and get a different result!

Use case

Imagine that Valentine's day is in a few days, and you would like to use this opportunity to save some of your clients from the 'can't lose them segment' category. You want to send an SMS campaign to these customers, but your copywriting team is currently busy with other projects. So now you can use the content generator to help you with the right content for your campaign in an efficient way.



  • It does not check if there is any PII or other sensitive information defined/mentioned in the theme or content. Please make sure you are not sending any personal/sensitive data as they are provided to a third party LLM model.
  • Always check AI-generated content if it complies with your brand guidelines or suitability. Bloomreach does not control GPT outputs and is not responsible for any incorrect, misleading, biased, or offensive content the system may generate.
  • Every defined theme is checked as it must comply with OpenAI's content policy.
  • Max 10 requests per user per 60 seconds.
  • Max 200 requests per 24 hours.