In-App Messages FAQ

Why does my in-app message display differently on my device than in the Test tab?

The Test tab seeks to represent a general depiction of how the in-app will be rendered, without taking into account specific device measurements or your application setup. You can use our preview generation feature to achieve a more accurate result, but the best representation should be achieved by testing the in-app live in your mobile application.

Why wasn't my in-app displayed to me in my app?

Barring setup errors, there are several cases in which the in-app may not be shown.

  • The in-apps are fetched and subsequently shown from the platform after the customer has been identified in the app, using built-in mobile SDK methods.
  • The in-apps are also cached in the application to reduce the number of requests your application needs to make to the platform.
  • The in-apps are reloaded on customer identification, anonymization, or when any event (except a campaign with status open or clicked, or a session_end) is tracked from the application and when In-app messages cache is older than 30 minutes.

In practice, it may lead to a situation when the trigger event for the in-app has been tracked before the customer identification. Then the identification happens later but no other trigger events are being tracked. In this case, the in-app will not be shown as the only trigger event was tracked before the in-app was loaded to the application

Please keep in mind these rules when working with in-app messages. You can always refer to the SDK Github documentation:




React Native


How do I insert rating feedback or some other kind of simple logic into my in-app?

As Javascript and certain responsive CSS properties are forbidden in the in-app, following the same approach as with other campaigns, the only two ways to create rating feedback would be:

  1. Set up individual ratings as static links, then track these clicks as events.
  2. Combine buttons and custom in-app action SDK methods to build the logic fully in the application code, then track the rating as an event.

What´s next?

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