Bloomreach Engagement Packaging


Discover the powerful packages Engagement offers to thrive in every aspect of your marketing. Intrigued? Learn more about each package in their respective articles.

Packaging Overview

Engagement Packaging Overview
PackageOverviewRelevant to
Email MarketingPersonalized email marketing that puts the customer first, from sign-up to repeat purchase, so you send fewer emails to make more money.Email Marketers
Web & App PersonalizationOn-site personalization and A/B testing with add-on in-app personalization. All powered by real-time, first-party data for the fastest ROI on the market.Marketers, eCommerce professionals, Digital teams, Merchandisers, Developers
SMS & Mobile MessagingPersonalized SMS and WhatsApp messages with add-on mobile app features to drive incremental revenue from your mobile strategy.Digital Marketers, Lifecycle Marketers, SMS or Mobile marketers
Ad OptimisationReduce Customer Acquisition Costs on ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Snapchat with better visibility into historical and predicted user behavior.Acquisition Marketers, Performance Marketers, Heads of Marketing
Intelligence & OrchestrationPerfect for getting started and trying Bloomreach Engagement's powerful AI predictions, data unification, and omnichannel orchestration capabilities.CMOs, Heads of Marketing
Enterprise EngagementThe ultimate omnichannel marketing solution that includes all your best marketing channels, customer data, AI, and advanced analytics.All Marketing

Customer Data Engine

But the packages above are not all we offer. Every package is further powered by a Customer Data Engine. Learn about the features included in the Customer Data Engine here.