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Make sure your emails hit inboxes and serve the right content to the right audience at the right time with dynamic, personalized content.

Who is this for?

  • Email marketers
  • Automation, Mailing, and Campaign specialists
  • Communications specialists
  • CRM assistants
  • Anyone who wants to know how to use Bloomreach Engagement as their email management tool

Overall topics to go through: 8
Overall estimated time: ∼90 minutes

1-4 Emailing Basics

Reading time: 30 minutes


Learn how to visually create, test, and set up an email campaign. This adds to your knowledge of Scenarios.

1.Introduction to emailingFind out what you need to do to create an email campaign in Bloomreach Engagement.
2.Email EditorsLearn how to easily build visually appealing emails with our ready-to-use templates.
3.Email TestingDiscover ways how to test your email before launching any live campaign.
4.β€’ Consent Management

β€’ Frequency Policy
It is crucial to manage your subscription policies and track changes to consent for every customer. Learn how to do this to make sure you send emails in compliance with GDPR. Manage your frequency to ensure you do not overload your customers with emails.

5-10 Emailing Advanced

Reading time: 1 hour


Learn how to proficiently evaluate, personalize and scale your email marketing.

5.Email Marketing MetricsSee what are the most important email metrics to track when evaluating email performance.
6.Email EvaluationThere are numerous ways how to evaluate your email. Read through the summary and pick and choose the ones most relevant for you.
7.Email PersonalizationLearn about more advanced features we offer to better optimize your emails.
8.Managing Email HealthCheck out our email health tips and increase email deliverability.


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Further learning resources

Campaign CalendarManage your campaigns in the Campaign Calendar and reduce overlapping campaigns or unnecessary communication.
How To AB TestLearn how to A/B test and what to track while testing your email campaigns.
Testing campaignsDiscover different methods for how to test your ideas for email campaigns.
β€’ Most Common Email Issues

β€’ Custom Web Fonts Support in Email Apps

β€’ FAQ - Consistency Check between Scenario Evaluation and Custom Evaluations
Read the Help Center's tips on how to solve the most common email issues and improve the quality of your email campaigns.
Embedding Videos in EmailsLearn how to embed a video in an email.
Business UC: Email campaignsExplore various emailing use case examples to improve your personalization or audience engagement.
Asset ManagerCreate and save pre-defined email templates.
Transactional EmailsLearn how to send your customers automated real-time emails after a specific action has been performed within an application or website.
JinjaPersonalize your customer communication even further with Jinja.
Most Common Jinja IssuesSolve the most common Jinja errors by yourself.
Advanced emailingSee 3rd party resources you can use to enhance your emailing strategy or reputation performance.
Email ProvidersLearn more about the email integration process and Engagement's native integrations with email service providers.
HTML BlocksLearn how to use HTML to create email templates.
Engagement Emailing courseThis course takes you through each stage of the email marketing funnel to ensure great inbox placement, as well as great open-and-click activity for your newsletters and automation, all leading to higher website sessions and conversions.
Engagement Mini MasterclassExplore a series of free tool-focused videos which are quick and easy to understand. Discover the Marketing Channels section to find useful videos on Emailing!

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