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Welcome to the Engagement onboarding. First, choose the onboarding method that best suits your needs. Then, click on either of the options and start learning. Good luck!

Sign up for the Engagement Foundations course which will teach you how to use the Engagement product as an independent user. Choose between a generalist Full Course or specialist Learning Journeys.

For successful completion of the course, we advise that you participate in the live sessions, where you can sharpen your practical skills directly with experts in the industry.

To sign up for Academy, follow this short guide.

NEW! Read through the documentation articles in a sequence that will help you start using Engagement in your role. Suitable for users with different knowledge and skill levels.

Step 1: All users start with the basics about Engagement and learn to navigate within the app.
Step 2: Choose one or more Learning path(s) based on what you want to learn about.
Step 3: Your onboarding is complete! Discover additional learning resources to stay on track.

Combine the two:

For the best experience, we advise that you combine both onboarding options.

  • For example, you can start your learning journey with the Engagement Foundations course and later refresh and leverage your knowledge with the Documentation.

  • Or, you can read the Documentation onboarding and later leverage your learning on complex topics with Academy's more advanced courses.

What´s next?

Start your Documentation Onboarding.