Vouchers can be an effective way to incentivize a purchase. Importing and using vouchers with Bloomreach Engagement is simple, and you learn all about it in our Vouchers documentation. Please note that in all cases, the codes need to be unique.

The following integrations are available.

Simple catalog manual importTo send unique voucher codes to every customer, the client needs to load the pool of vouchers into Bloomreach Engagement (the voucher data needs to be in CSV or XML format). The data should be simply a pre-generated list of voucher codes, in a single column, with a header.
Advanced import via Imports or Tracking APITo send unique voucher codes to every customer and track expirations of these vouchers, the client needs to track vouchers via events into Bloomreach Engagement. The data structure for the event can include voucher code, voucher status, issue date and expiry - to be fully defined in the tracking document.