This integration syncs Commercetools data with Bloomreach Engagement.

Upon deployment of this connector, your Commercetools products and customers will be imported into Bloomreach Engagement.

Once per day, your Commercetools products and customers will be synchronized with Bloomreach Engagement.

With the Commercetools integration, you can:

  • Initially load all products and customers from Commercetools to Bloomreach Engagement when the connector is installed
  • Automatically synchronize all products and customers from Commercetools to Bloomreach Engagement through a scheduled task
  • Capture customer order events from Commercetools to Bloomreach Engagement



To deploy this integration, you need:

Install the Connector

You'll need to deploy the connector in your Commercetools project. For details, refer to the Commercetools connect deployment documentation.

Setup the required environment variables when you create the deployment:


Once the connector is deployed, it should trigger the postDeploy script.

The postDeploy script will set up the Import cron jobs. One for customers, the other for products, and another for variants. Cron jobs will run every day at 00:00 UTC.

On the other hand, the connector will create a subscription to listen to Order Created messages. Each time an order is created in Commercetools, it will be imported as a customer event in Bloomreach.

Uninstall the Connector

If you want to uninstall the connector, you must send the appropriate HTTP request and delete it.

This will trigger the preUndeploy script, which will delete the Import cron jobs and messages subscriptions described in the Install the Connector section.


The connector's design, which delivers single CSV files, could result in longer HTTP request times, potentially surpassing predefined limits. It is anticipated to support a moderate volume of customers and products, likely not exceeding a few thousand, with a maximum capacity of about 10,000 records. Capacity can vary due to various factors. If this limitation affects your project, contact us for assistance.