Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric is a digital analytics platform that streamlines tracking, assessing, and enhancing key digital journeys. It highlights customer understanding and thoughtfully quantifies this data, linking it directly to your primary business goals.

With Bloomreach Engagement's integration, Quantum Metric customers can amplify on-page analytics with rich data and visitor segmentation. This enables a comprehensive customer view, acknowledging any negative experiences like errors or frustration.

Check out our demo for more information:

How the Integration Works

Pass Visitor Segments

Quantum Metric provides you with improved analytics of on-page behavior based on Customer segments.

Track Frustration, Experience Signals

Quantum Metric allows you to target communications in a more sophisticated manner.

  • Create campaigns (vouchers, re-engagement, etc.) targeted to customers who recently experienced errors.

You can treat your VIP customers with a non-ideal on-page experience with a support call and assisted shopping experience.

Analyze Experiments

Quantum Metric allows for an in-depth analysis of Bloomreach Engagement Experiments.

Log Session Replay URL

Quantum Metric provides additional information in the central CDP location. The selected customer session data can then be replayed for better understanding and support.



  • Web Tags required
  • Bloomreach JavaScript SDK present on the page
  • Quantum Metric configured properly

Set-up in a Nutshell

This section is a work in progress and to be shared soon. Contact us for more info.