Once you have sent out your first emails, it is time to learn how to evaluate what was achieved and how effective your campaigns are. Bloomreach Engagement offers multiple ways and features for analyzing and evaluating the performance of your campaigns.

Email tracking and bounce management

Email reporting is based on the campaign events tracking. Before you start evaluating your email performance it is important to understand when and what kind of campaign events we track and how we handle bounces.

Campaign events

Once you are ready to get into the email evaluation, it is helpful to understand what exactly is tracked to Bloomreach Engagement for various stages of the email lifecycle from delivery to engagement. Have a look at our Email Tracking article to understand the various statuses and properties you will see in the campaign event.

Bounce management

When an email does not get delivered, there might be multiple reasons why it happened. We collect the failure feedback from our email providers and automatically assign them to standard bounce categories such as soft bounce (e.g. full inbox) or hard bounces (e.g. invalid email). Bloomreach Engagement also works with our custom type of bounce, what we call a “cumulative bounce”! Read all the details in our article for Bounce Management.

Measuring email marketing performance

Email performance can be measured in several ways. There are many different metrics that can be monitored and used for evaluating your campaign. Read our guide on Email marketing metrics to learn about all the important metrics to consider, what pitfalls you might encounter, or other useful tips for setting up your evaluation strategy.

Campaign-level evaluation

Campaign dashboard

A good place to start in your email reporting is with our out-of-the-box email evaluation dashboards. They will give you an overview of how your campaign performed, with insights into both revenue and email performance metrics. With the added bonus of comparing against your project average, you can easily spot bad-performing campaigns. Please check the Email Evaluation Dashboards guide.

Email click heatmap

Once you are ready to get into more in-depth analyses of your customer’s engagement with the email content you prepare, you can use the visual email click heatmap. It gives you an overview of clicks within the email, with an option to switch between different metrics and customers (in case your emails were personalized). Find more details in Email Click Heatmap documentation.

Project-level evaluation

Custom reports

As a next step, with multiple campaigns launched, you can also look at the overall performance of all campaigns using the Reports feature under Analyses. For guidance on various repo options have a look at Email performance reports, which will answer most of the questions about your emailing, including both deliverability performance and campaign performance.


Bloomreach Engagement can help you with an out-of-the-box Plug & Play Email reporting dashboard, please contact your CSM if you are interested.

External reporting

In case you need to connect traffic data from an email to an external tool, such as Google Analytics, Bloomreach Engagement gives you the full power to customize your UTM tags and attach custom parameters to all URLs. Please check the details here.

Campaign calendar

As an extra help with the campaign management, there is a Campaign Calendar which helps to visualize your campaigns on a timeline and answer questions such as - when are all my campaigns getting triggered? How many subscribers are being targeted tomorrow? Is there an overlap between campaigns?