Data Location and Backup Management

Bloomreach Engagement operates using Google data centers based in Europe (Belgium, London) or the North America (US, Canada), depending on your business needs.

Full-system backups are performed daily using an automated system. Backups of all data are performed regularly following Bloomreach Engagement backup processes. We maintain multiple on-call independent support teams to assist employees and you with addressing incidents or potential breaches. All incidents are logged in an incident management tool and this information is distributed automatically to internal stakeholders.

Bloomreach Engagement is using Google Cloud Platform as a 3rd party vendor which runs in a multi-tenant, geographically distributed environment to support the availability of services through the use of redundant architecture. It is guaranteed by the vendor that data are distributed amongst a shared infrastructure through a distributed file system, designed to store extremely large amounts of data across many servers.
A redundant architecture exists to ensure that data is replicated in real-time to at least two geographically dispersed data centers. The data centers are connected through multiple encrypted network links and interfaces. This provides high availability by dynamic load balancing across those sites. Google Cloud Platform uses a dashboard that provides details such as resource footprint, central processing unit capacity and random-access memory availability to monitor resource availability across their data centers and to validate that data has been replicated to more than one location.

As Bloomreach Engagement utilizes an Infrastructure as Code (IaC), the whole infrastructure can be rebuilt and recovered to the previous working state. Also, any change can be reverted back if necessary.

These recovery capabilities are periodically tested to ensure everything is functioning as expected. We test the recovery of all components at least once per year or after any significant change in a particular component.

Disaster Recovery

Bloomreach Engagement has implemented a Disaster Recovery Plan to prevent data loss and ensure quick recovery in case of hardware failure, natural disasters or other catastrophes. Bloomreach Engagement's architecture set-up strives to minimize any possible interruption. This is mostly ensured by all of its components being redundant and located in separate zones.

As additional prevention, we also have a disaster recovery program. We test recovery components periodically and after any significant change in a particular component.

Incident Response

We have an Incident Management Process in place that has been designed to identify, confine, monitor and communicate incidents. If an incident occurs, the incident is identified, reported and prioritized for resolution between our Support and Security team.

Our clients are provided with the required information to be able to promptly report to their local authorities, if necessary under the law (especially in the case of security incidents).

Bloomreach Engagement has multiple systems to ensure our production environment is running without any issues. Our highly available monitoring infrastructure continuously monitors data processing pipelines, application performance, resource exhaustion, and availability.


File Management in Asset Manager

Although our infrastructure is built on GCP, there is one exception: our File management used in the Asset manager. Thus, we do not guarantee the location of files and data stored in the Asset manager. As a result, storing anything sensitive in the Asset manager is not recommended.