Custom Evaluation Dashboards


Have you already explored our guide about Parameters? It explores dynamic attributes which will be heavily used in this Custom evaluation dashboards article! Let’s take a look!

This guide will help you understand:

What is a custom evaluation dashboard

With Custom evaluation dashboards, you can configure a dashboard for all campaigns at once. No additional time is needed to clone or customize dashboards for each new campaign.

Creating them lets you see specific metrics or reports relevant to your campaigns and your business. Custom evaluation dashboards save you time and ease your campaign evaluation!


Custom evaluation dashboards are available for all types of Analyses in our app, e.g. Reports, Trends, Funnels, Segmentations, or Metrics.

How to create a custom evaluation dashboard

You can start creating custom evaluation dashboards in a usual fashion by going to Overview > My Dashboards and clicking on ‘Create new’.

When creating the dashboard, make use of Parameters in your definitions. These parameters will be placeholders for any specific attributes such as campaign_id or campaign_name etc. The parameter then gets updated automatically for each specific campaign to reflect that campaign’s metrics. This makes your Custom evaluation dashboards reusable and personalized for each new campaign!

Now that you created your custom dashboard, set it as:

  • default for all campaigns by going to Projects Settings > Campaigns > Evaluation. If you set it as default for email campaigns, each created email campaign will show this dashboard under the Evaluate Tab.

All changes you make will automatically be applied to future campaigns and shown in the Evaluate tab in a set-and-forget fashion.

  • an individual custom dashboard for a specific campaign by opening the chosen campaign, adding a new evaluation dashboard, and selecting the created dashboard from a drop-down menu.



Configuration of the campaign evaluation dashboards is persistent on the project level and is applied to all users of the same project.

How to leverage custom evaluation dashboards

Custom evaluation dashboards with Parameters increase flexibility and ease customization of reports and dashboards.

Explore the possibilities of custom dashboards with Use Cases like:

  • Custom campaign evaluation dashboard for Scenarios where campaign ID gets updated automatically to see the results of a particular campaign.
  • Default evaluation dashboard for all in-app messages, including a custom metric for calculating profit.
  • A general overview dashboard of the health of my customer base presented as one of three dashboards for every email campaign.
  • Complex evaluation dashboard for scenarios that contain SMS, email, and banner.

Alternatively, browse our collection of Business Use Cases or Plug&Play Use Cases and further customize the described dashboards to your needs.



  • You can configure up to 3 different campaign evaluation dashboards.

    • Custom evaluation dashboards are not available when public dashboard sharing via link is used.
    • Custom evaluation dashboards are not available when the dashboard is shared via email.
  • Custom Dashboards will take precedence over any Default Dashboards set in Project Settings for Scenarios/Campaigns.