What are Plug&Play Use Cases

As a part of StartRight, you have access to a pre-scoped package of Plug&Play use cases. This package contains a combination of best-practice Dashboards, Analyses, Campaigns, and Templates that have been iterated over 1000s of hours working with some of the top brands in e-commerce.

Plug&Play is a collection of best practice, fully-functional and ready-to-launch use cases, with pre-set analytics that can bring you fast TTV (time to value) with minimal effort.

Once a Plug&Play use case is integrated with your project, you can fully customize it, the same way you would do in the use cases made by yourself.

Time to Value vs Customization

Many Plug&Play Use Cases are functionally ready for deployment on Day 1. This means you can launch campaigns immediately after adding your creative designs, although when the changes are more technical, the process can take a little longer.

Alternatively, you can choose to further customize the Use Case to your needs. Specific suggestions and examples of further customization are provided for each use case to help you make the most out of it.

Bloomreach Engagement recommends the “quick launch” approach for three reasons:

  • The Use Cases have undergone rigorous pre-testing and have a proven track record with some of the world’s best brands. Therefore, they exist in “best-practice” form from Day 1.
  • This means you can achieve time-to-value much quicker and deploy a Use Case right away.
  • While the Use Case is already bringing value, you can always further customize and refine it afterward.

That said, we are aware that every business is unique, and you may decide to customize the use cases before launch. Each Plug&Play Use Case is fully customizable and many customizations are easy to implement and only take a few clicks.

For example, the Welcome Flow Use Case is set to trigger after an opt-in event and send three emails over a 10-day period. You can change these parameters, test different approaches, and edit the content of each email to match your business requirements.


You will need to manage the customization and configuration of Plug&Play Use Cases with your own resources. If you need additional support from the Bloomreach Engagement team, please reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.


Delivery of the Use Cases below within the scope timelines is heavily dependent on a successful integration phase. These specific Use Cases are scoped to achieve quick value for brands, and more importantly, empower brands to create more use cases using Bloomreach Engagement and leveraging its capabilities.

In order to make the delivery process smoother, we strongly recommend following the data structure of the tracking document, nevertheless, it is possible to implement the Use Case with alternative data structures as well.


Do not forget to start working on the design of your emails or banners even before the integrations are completed.