Real-time Customer Segments for Discovery

The Real-time Customer Segments feature personalizes the product search results in real-time based on customer demographic and behavioral data. The feature combines Bloomreach Engagement’s rich customer data and Discovery’s extensive search algorithms to get the best of both worlds.



This feature uses Engagement and Discovery pixels, so make sure you have configured both.

Why you should use it

Hyper-personalization of search engines allows search results to be tailored to customer needs and wants. Every customer is unique and has their own preferences. Therefore, when searching for the same keyword, different customers expect different results. For instance, an avid hiker and cyclist are looking for distinct products, even when searching for the same keyword, “shoes.”

The final result is an enjoyable, relevant, and effortless online experience leading to higher conversion rates and driving RPV.

Large-scale personalization may be challenging, time-consuming, and can require multiple teams to deploy a solution. But the Real-time Customer Segments feature overcomes this issue and allows you to personalize search results quickly.

How does it work

Firstly, using Engagement, you identify the proper segmentations - groups of similar people based on their shared attributes to target them more effectively. Next, you expose the defined segmentation, Discovery then proceeds to a 30-day data training where algorithms build personalized rankings for each segment.

Once the data training period is complete, you can proceed to AB test the segmented approach to optimize the degree of personalization by evaluating the performance of segmented search versus default search. Finally, you can go live to all site traffic so that segment-optimized search results are served to all site traffic in real time.

How to set it up

You can find an in-depth implementation guide for this feature in this Bloomreach Discovery article.