Ad Audience Management

Here you can find guides on how to integrate Bloomreach Engagement with Ad Audience Management applications. This list is not exhaustive as Bloomreach Engagement can be integrated with virtually any third-party application.

Why Run Ads with Bloomreach

  • Manage your audiences from ONE omnichannel campaign orchestration module.
  • YOU get to choose what data to use and how.
  • Use first-party cookies to get high-quality data.

1. First-Party Data Usage

Bloomreach is built on first-party data with the tools for marketers to also ingest zero-party data. This, alongside features like FBCAPI and server-side anonymous ID management, helps marketers get ahead of third-party cookie restrictions.


First-Party Tracking in Bloomreach

Read more on our Blog to learn about How Bloomreach Uses First-Party Tracking To Help You Run More Efficient Paid Ad Campaigns.

2. Better Understand Your Customer

Bloomreach goes beyond basic audience building and segmentation to help marketers understand customer journeys, identify segments for incremental revenue, and predict high-value, high-intent audiences to ensure efficient ad spend.

3. Work Faster and More Independently

Work faster without the need to depend on data scientists and IT to help you identify key areas for marketing spend.

4. You Do Not Need to Use Other Database

Calculate advanced metrics and create granular segmentations natively in Bloomreach with no need to connect to another database.

5. Improve the Privacy of Your Customers

Provide third parties with only the data they need to improve your customersโ€™ data privacy. Third-party tracking scripts usually aggregate all activity of your visitors, regardless of its usage or necessity. With Bloomreach, you can send only the data necessary to perform your campaigns.

6. Create Better Audiences for Your Campaigns

Use real-time granular data as well as historic data to send highly relevant audiences into your ad platforms, which will help you create even more effective lookalike audiences for your other campaigns.

Combine Ad Audiences with AI Predictions

Use one of our five predefined prediction models, or define your custom predictions to get one step ahead.

1. Target the Right Page Visitors

Target the audience that has the highest purchase probability. This will help you increase conversion rates and lower your CPA.

2. Build Efficient Campaigns

Exclude low-probability contacts to decrease ad spending and filter out those who will most likely not interact with your content to decrease your CPA.

3. Create the Right Discount Model

Set your discount model to generate the biggest profit. Tailor the number of discounts your audience gets based on how probable it is they will become customers.

Use Cases

Engage Customers on Their Preferred Channel

  • Exclude highly engaged email subscribers from your paid audiences to maximize ad efficiency, or target only subscribers with low engagement on email/SMS via paid ads.

Lookalike Targeting Based on CLTV and Loyalty

  • Send high-value seed audiences to your paid channel to optimize lookalike campaigns by creating segments based on customer lifetime value and loyalty, computed directly within the platform.

Provide Highly Relevant Offers

  • Use RFM segmentation to create granular customer segments with highly relevant offers.

Remove Retargeting Audiences

  • Remove identified customers from retargeting campaigns if they have already met a predefined goal (e.g., purchased from an abandoned cart campaign on email).

Location Segmentation

  • Understand customer behavior differences between different locations and segment them into separate audiences.

Understand the Sign-Up Location

  • Understand what sign-up location (Facebook, footer, checkout, pop-up, etc.) has the best LTV and/or conversion.

Personal Data Protection

Bloomreach Engagement as a Customer Data Platform benefits your customer privacy as the data flows are transparent. It is easier to adhere to data privacy regulations, such as the CCPA or GDPR, with Bloomreach, compared to standard marketing platforms when you use personalized Ads.

Take the right to be forgotten as an example. You can remove a customer exercising this right from your ad audiences just with our scenario node. Without Bloomreach, you would have to do this manually via API, which takes more time and effort on your side.

Security of your customers' personal data is even more secure as the data is sent directly server-to-server, and not client-to-server.

Basics of Ad Retargeting

Watch this introductory video on Ad Retargeting offered by the Bloomreach Academy as a part of their free educational Mini Masterclass series. You can find more how-to videos in the specific Ad Integration articles.


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