Facebook / Instagram Lead Ads


Important: refresh your integration before January 16, 2024

Bloomreach is updating this integration with Meta's latest API versions. If you are using Facebook / Instagram Lead Ads with Bloomreach Engagement, follow these steps to make sure your integration continues working well:

  1. Log into your Engagement platform account.
  2. Navigate to the 'Integrations' section.
  3. Find the Facebook Leads Ads integration, open it and click 'Refresh'.
  4. Follow any additional prompts to complete the process.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM or our Support.

Lead Ads are the best way to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Lead Ads allow people to show their interest in a product or service by filling out a form in the ad with their details and allowing you to follow up with them (which depends on the details you have - for instance, you cannot send an email without an email address). You can run Lead Ads on: Facebook, News Feed, Instagram, Instagram stories, Instant Articles, etc. Note that Facebook Lead Ads integration allows you to generate new leads and enrich your SCV with additional customer data collected through Facebook Lead Ads forms. This enables you to increase your customer base or to leverage collected data for omnichannel personalization.

Watch this short introductory video about this feature:


Tips & Tricks

Refer to our documentation to learn more about:

Why use this integration

Possible use cases:

  • Acquisition of retargeted lead ads
  • Acquisition of look-alike audiences
  • Custom questions for actionable queries (preferred appointment slot, shoe size, etc.)
  • Retargeting to target specific customers to gather additional information about them


  • Facebook reduces drop-offs by prefilling the form with data from a person's Facebook profile and making it easy for them to submit their information.
  • Lead Ads are delivered to people who are likely to complete and submit your lead ad form
  • A business can gather contacts and additional information for campaigns from ads without prospects visiting their website.

If you want to read more about Facebook Lead Ads, you can access the official Facebook business webpage.

Combining Bloomreach Engagement with Facebook Lead Ads

The advantage of using Bloomreach Engagement with Facebook Lead Ads is in utilizing typical Bloomreach Engagement functions which otherwise would not have been supported by Facebook.

  • Advanced segmentation or prediction from Bloomreach Engagement single customer view for Facebook pixel or custom audiences
  • A/B testing via Facebook pixel or custom audiences
    In other words, Lead Ads will allow for an advanced segmentation of audience/customers, which can be used for further targeted campaigns.


Using Facebook Leads Correctly

An instance needs to have a FB app set up with correct permissions for correct functionality. For single tenant instances, this might not work unless the approval process is completed.
Another requirement is to have at least one Facebook page under the Facebook account with which the integration is created.

Step-by-Step Integration Guide

Before initiating the integration process, it is crucial that the user holds the roles of both Project Admin in Bloomreach Engagement and serves as the administrator for the associated Facebook page utilizing Facebook Lead Ads.

Moreover, the user responsible for setting up the Facebook Leads integration must be designated as a System User within the Meta Business Manager. For specific instructions on becoming a System User, please refer to Meta's official documentation.

In cases where the Lead Access Manager is enabled for your Meta Business Account, it is vital to confirm that the Bloomreach Application has the required leads permissions assigned. Detailed guidance on configuring these permissions can be found in the Meta documentation. Once these conditions are met, follow these steps:

  • Go into Data & Assets > Integrations
  • Create a new Facebook Lead Ads integration
  • In the integration, authenticate with a Facebook login
  • Select the page to be used for gathering leads from the dropdown
  • OPTIONAL: Select the data mapping to assign leads to the correct ID
  • Click Save


Data Mapping

Note that the program will generate a new anonymous cookie if you do not select data mapping (you leave the field blank). However, if you choose to map program IDs, you can do it via email, phone, work email, or work phone; all gathered via your customer responses. Therefore, we suggest making all ID-mapped fields mandatory in your lead ads.


Permissioned Access to Campaign Event Settings

Campaign settings now have permission access. Any change to mapping can be executed only after a discussion with Account Managers.

After the integration is saved, all leads from all Lead Ads for the specific page will be gathered as events into the project.


One page can be integrated only into one project.

Step-by-Step Campaign Setting Guide

If you want to learn more about how to create forms to acquire leads and integrate the lead form data with your customer system, you can access the official Facebook Certification page.

Event structure

  • Copy all of the standard Lead Gen Form fields as event properties of the facebook_lead event with a type of standard_form.
  • Each custom question will be its own facebook_lead event with a type of custom_question. These events will have attributes question and answer , respectively.
  • Copy form_name, form_id, page_name, _page_id _from integration.
  • There will be _lead_id _for each individual lead response.
  • Timestamp will be taken from _created_time _of a lead.
  • Customer mapping for ID will be done in the integration
  • Event type will be facebook_lead.


  • type: "standard_form",
  • form_name: "My Form",
  • form_id: "333",
  • page_name: "My Page",
  • page_id: "111",
  • lead_id: "2739831366061736",
  • full_name: "John Doe",
  • email: "[email protected]",
  • phone_number: "+421444444444",
  • street_address: "Street 23",
  • date_of_birth: "03/26/1998",
  • job_title: "My job title",
  • company_name: "My company name",
  • gender: "non-binary"

In general terms, you will create one event for each question, the same way each custom question will have an independent event.

Consent events

Facebook Lead Ads offers the option to create custom disclaimers. These custom disclaimers are transferred into Bloomreach Engagement as facebook_lead events with thetype attribute equal to disclaimer_response, and you can transform them into consent events in your project.

Event Structure

Field nameField value example
page_nameYour Page Name
form_nameYour Form Name
checkbox_keyName of disclaimer question
  • Checkbox_key contains the name of the disclaimer the user agrees to
  • Is_checked contains the information about whether the user agrees or disagrees with the disclaimer (boolean true/false)

How to create Consent events from facebook_lead

Bloomreach Engagement uses a strict pre-defined consent event structure. You can use facebook_lead event type disclaimer_response to create these consent events by:

  1. Creating an on-event triggered scenario with an add-event node for consent accept/reject.
    You can learn more in the article on Scenarios.
  2. Creating a scheduled import from the Bloomreach Engagement report, which uses facebook_lead events as the source.
    You can learn more in the Imports article.

Read more about Consent Tracking article.

Bloomreach Engagement use cases with Facebook Lead Ads

  • (Basic) Automated follow-up on acquired Facebook leads: e.g., sending a welcome message with a discount on their first purchase.
  • (Advanced) Use first-party data to create predictions for custom audiences to target with Facebook Lead Ads. For example, predict which of your customers have the highest probability of subscribing and target them with your Facebook Lead Ads enabling them to do so easily.
  • (Advanced) Use Bloomreach Engagement to identify customers with the highest probability of purchasing/CLTV, feed them to Facebook, and create look-alike audiences for your Facebook Lead Ads campaign. Target them with a specific welcome campaign to increase the chance of converting them.
  • (Advanced) Use Facebook Lead Ads to ask your customers what type of incentive motivates them to purchase (discounts, free delivery, gifts, a tree planted for every item purchased). Based on the answers collected via Facebook Lead Ads, run predictions in Bloomreach Engagement to find which customers from your customer base would answer similarly. This will enable you to target each of your customers with the incentive with the highest probability of conversion.