Black Friday 2023

What to Expect From This Use Case

Get in-depth knowledge about Black Friday campaign metrics with a unique and customized evaluation dashboard.



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Use Case Items

With this use case, you’ll get a:

  • Assign Black Friday customer attribute scenario
  • Assign the most common traffic source to your customer's scenario
  • Pre-defined evaluation dashboard

How to deploy the Use Case

After downloading the use case, follow these steps:

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

Verify if the data in your project meets the requirements. Follow this step-by-step setup guide in case of problems.

Step 2: Understand the Use Case Logic

Start both use case scenarios, then take advantage of the data in the evaluation dashboard to make business decisions.



Run the use case two months prior the Black Friday to gain insights into your customer base and adjust your BF campaigns accordnigly.

Scenario 1 - Flag Black Friday Shoppers with Customer Attribute

The scenario aims to create a 'customer attribute flag' to identify different segments of your Black Friday shoppers from the previous year 2022.

Run this scenario to categorize your customers into segments of the Black Friday Shoppers Segmentation and flag them with a customer attribute bf_shopper. Take advantage of this data (from both the customer attribute and the segmentation) and apply them to your multichannel campaign communication and reporting.

Scenario 2 - The Most Common Traffic Source

This scenario creates a 'customer attribute flag' in your project with an aim to conserve the utm_source information long after the data expiration will suppress the session_start event.

The idea is to run the scenario now and then daily, so the information on utm_source is being saved regularly. First, the scenario checks if the customer possesses a hard ID, and then whether the customer does not already have the customer attribute most_common_traffic_source. If they don't, the attribute is created in their customer profile.

Note that utm_source identifies the traffic, so from which site, advertiser, or publication the user came. Make sure to leverage this data in your future campaigns and reporting.



The use case always needs to be adjusted to the right time-frame. Currently, this use case is adjusted for year 2023.