Non-personalized Weblayers

Non-personalized weblayers are weblayers that allow you to target generic or non-personalized weblayers (weblayers that do not use Jinja or customer filters) on all your traffic. You do not need to wait for a customer to accept the cookie consent banner.

You can serve weblayers to those website visitors that do not grant consent - do not click agree/accept on the cookie banner. Data shows this can be anywhere between 30-80% of the traffic.


Non-personalized Weblayers availability in BETA

This feature is currently available in the BETA version, but we are working on its improvement.

How does it work

Non-personalized weblayers are triggered before the JS SDK is initialized directly from the Integration Snippet. Hence, triggering a weblayer before the customer consents to your website is possible. To respect customers' privacy, the banners do not use any personalization features of Bloomreach Engagement, such as customer filters or Jinja. See the necessary configuration changes in the integration snippet that you need to make to enable non-personalized weblayers below:

experimental: {
 non_personalized_weblayers: true

When a page loads, the snippet loads the not-initialized SDK to the browsers. If there is an experimental configuration, it fetches and displays only the Non-personalized weblayers. The SDK remains in a not-initialized state.


Snippet version 2.4.0

For a weblayer to display correctly, you need to use a snippet which is at least 2.4.0. To check the snippet's version, do the following:

  1. In the Chrome or Firefox DevTools console, use exponea.snippetVersion.
  2. Search the integrated snippet snippetVersion.


By default, all Non-personalized Weblayers contain JavaScript code that allows a basic tracking of events (e.g., a weblayer closes). A user could add any customized tracking logic as desired, too. All tracking happens only after consent is granted (exponea.start() is called). If the customer does not consent to the session, they will see the non-personalized banners, but Bloomreach Engagement will track no events associated with this user.

Use case examples

You can show generic banners to all your traffic on selected pages, such as the Black Friday Sale, Free Shipping Today, warning messages about delays, or others.


In order to use Display Until interaction/Once/Once per visit correctly, the customer's session/visit data are needed. These options will automatically start working after your customers have accepted the cookie banner, since, prior to this happening, no session data can be stored. Non-personalized weblayers will be shown as if the Always option was selected no matter what option you selected until the moment your customers accept the consent banner. Once your customers consented, exponea.start is called, and the Display option will work as for any other weblayer.


Since these are non-personalized banners, Jinja, Conversion goal or customer filters are not allowed. AB testing is also not supported. You will be able to click on it in the app, but when saving the weblayer, you will receive an error message.