Why you will like Bloomreach Engagement

We absolutely appreciate that working with a new platform might require some time to understand and get confident with. You might be wondering if this is even the right tool for you and whether it is not going to just break apart everything you have worked on so far.

In a mission to clear any misconceptions and uncertainties, we would like to provide you with all the important information for you to have a solid understanding of the key concepts that make our platform (especially in the previous section), and outline some features and arguments that make us proud of our platform here below.

No more waste of precious IT time & resources

With Bloomreach Engagement, there is no need to spend valuable IT time and resources on various banners, slight website modifications, or other, often tedious tasks.

Our product focus is on giving marketers powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to easily build consistent and personalized experiences that span as many as 17 distinct channels and see the results these experiences generate. We believe the current cooperation between Marketing, IT, and other teams is broken in many companies and end customers have to suffer subpar experiences as a result.

Our most successful customers understood this, have transformed the way they work, and have reaped amazing benefits, usually in the form of a strong partnership between marketing and IT teams.

We are seeing the most successful marketers level up their technical knowledge, take care of their day-to-day needs, and be a true partner to IT when it comes to more complex tasks, e.g. integrating a new channel.

We recommend that you check out our Web layers, Experiments, A/B Testing, Webhooks, or Working with emails documentation.

Simplicity, efficiency, and real-time execution

Most of the customer data is stored in IMF (In-Memory Framework) which has all working datasets in RAM memory all the time, ensuring very high read/write speeds, real-time reporting, and execution. That is why when you refresh a page with an actual report, the results are updated in real-time.

Speed of access and use along with platform end-user’s UX as our priorities require data to be prepared and cleaned at the time of ingestion. This discards the need to JOIN tables at access when selecting a segment, creating new ad-hoc conditions, or personalizing with the last viewed product. Getting high-quality data into the platform on entry requires additional effort put in data preparation and one-time integration ETL and transformation. However, this effort pays off every time that data is accessed, and personalized email and immediate personalized web layer and recommendations bring an additional sale and revenue.

What’s more, thanks to our user-friendly approach, all the segmentation, calculated attributes, and personalized experiences can be created entirely by marketers in the application, without raising ASAP data extraction requests to IT and BI teams - everybody wins!

Security and privacy is our top priority

Did you know that we are the first company in the world to be GDPR certified? Yes, security and privacy are that important to us. Besides GDPR, we are 5x ISO certified, including ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications for Data Management and Security Information Management, ISO 27017 for Cloud Services and ISO 27018 for Protection of Personal data in Cloud to emphasize the importance of data privacy security. See our website for these certificates.

Our commitment to security and privacy does not end with obtaining certifications, we are building it into our product (and company practices) by design. Starting with our architecture, to tools and features, such as complex Role-Based Access Control, easy-to-use Consent Management, Audit Logs, and customer anonymization, or handy guides like our complete in-app privacy tutorial. Learn more about our security commitment and features in the Security section.

We are here to take your existing engines to a next level

It is important to note that while we pride ourselves on our AI-based prediction models and recommendation engines, our goal is not to replace your existing models, but rather to enrich them.

Thanks to our ability to ingest data from various sources (both in real-time and via imports) it’s easy to take the results of your existing models and activate them. Your modeled probability of purchase can become a customer attribute that impacts segmentation, the kinds of offers the customer gets, the campaigns that get triggered for them and more.

Downtime-free frequent releases

By releasing a new app version every 2 weeks, we want to ensure that you get all the amazing new upgrades that we are working on as fast as possible. What’s more, we have refined our release process and implemented several measures to make sure that our releases are problem- and downtime-free.

We do that via our robust QA and release infrastructure, including tiered releases and operating our instances in a High Availability mode to ensure smooth continuity for all instances and resolution of any minor issues quickly and without impact. Read more in our Technical Overview.

In rare cases where we expect downtime to occur as a result of a version release, we ensure that we communicate this early enough and schedule the downtime together with the affected clients.

Stellar support

120 seconds. That is our support’s average time to reply. You can rest assured that if you find yourself in need of technical help, we are ready to assist you. Our support is knowledgeable and can solve most questions and issues in real-time. And you don’t have to trust us, check out the G2 reviews that sing our support’s praises.