Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads integration allows you to advertise on Snapchat and target customers who already had some kind of interaction with your business. This can help you increase your marketing efficiency by showing your ads on the Snapchat platform where your customers are more reachable.

With the combination of Snapchat and Bloomreach Engagement, you can create automated marketing scenarios that target the right customers for your business. It also automatically updates customer lists on Snapchat based on their activity tracked in Bloomreach Engagement. To learn more about how to integrate Snapchat Ads with us, we have prepared this easy guide for you.


Tips & Tricks

Refer to our documentation to learn more about:

Step 1: Integrate Snapchat with Bloomreach Engagement

a. In Bloomreach Engagement, go to Data & Assets > Integrations.
b. Click on the +Add new integration button in the upper right corner.
c. Choose Snapchat Ads.
d. Connect your Snapchat account with Bloomreach Engagement and save it.

Step 2: Create a scenario with Snapchat retargeting node

a. You need to create a scenario flow first that will define the conditions for retargeting the suitable audience.
b. To add your customers, that are eligible, to your Snapchat audience, add the Ad Audience node into your flow, click on it and select Snapchat.
c. Here, you can choose if you want to add to or remove from the audience.

d. In the Customer matching settings, you should configure which Bloomreach Engagement attributes will be used to match the customers you want. You can use one or more customers´ identifiers such as email, phone number, and mobile advertiser ID.


If you target a customer with more than one identifier, each of them is tracked as a separate campaign event. For example, if you set up both email and a phone number as conditions in Customer matching and you target a customer with both of the identifiers, then two campaign events are tracked.

Customer attributeDescription
emailIt has to be the email customer uses to log in to their Snapchat account.
phone numberIt has to be the phone number a customer uses to log in to their Snapchat account. The phone number has to be in the international format E.164.
mobile advertiser IDA unique identifier of the customer´s mobile device. This can be either Apple´s Advertising Identifier (IDFA) or Android Advertising ID.


All customer identifiers are sent to Snapchat Marketing API already hashed via encrypted HTTPS connection.

Consent policy

As a part of setting up the audience node, you have to select the correct consent for retargetting. This ensures that customers with only valid consent are pushed to Snapchat Ads audience.

Removing audience

In case the customer asks you about removing all of their data, there is an option to remove a customer from all Snapchat audiences in the retargetting node setup. Just select Remove customer from all audiences as the action to perform.

Scenario evaluation


Evaluation limitation

After everything is set up, you can start running the scenario. When it is active, you can see how your customers are passing through the scenario. However, the current scenario reporting does not show failures for Snapchat retargetting node. If scenario is sending fails for some reason, there will be a campaign event with the status failed, but the node on the Evaluate tab will show the successful flow for all customers.



Available on some instances

The Snapchat Ads integration is available on some instances only. This means that some single-tenant instances and new multi-tenant instances may need manual activation of the Snapchat Ads integration by the engineering team first. This is generally requested during a new instance setup or can be requested any time later by contacting our Live chat or your Customer Success Manager.


Data retention window

Snapchat Ad Audiences have a 13 month rolling retention window. Learn more about their audience expiration policy.