Video guides to our features

If you prefer learning through videos over text, you can start here. These videos provide a quick introduction to the basic functionality of some of the Bloomreach Engagement components. You can also find them in each of their respective articles. Note that the textual guides contain more comprehensive information about our features.

If you are new to Engagement, we recommend watching the following introduction to Engagement and the 3-minute demo below first:

If you want to become a true Bloomreach Engagement champion and increase the value you deliver in your company, check out the schedule and pricing of the Bloomreach Academy courses.

You can find video guides on:

The data structure in Bloomreach Engagement consists of 4 main elements - customers, events, catalogs, and vouchers. Understanding how each of these work is essential for working with Engagement.

The Bloomreach Engagement platform contains several useful tools collectively called analyses. The main purpose of these tools is to allow you to effectively manage your data. Not only do they allow you to gather new insights into the behaviour of your customers, but they also help in presenting your findings by transforming raw data into comprehensible data structures.

The Bloomreach Engagement campaign tools are an excellent framework for communication with customers. They allow you to utilize your data to target specific subgroups of customers. Be it by sending customized messages or directly changing the layout or content of your webpage to cater to their individual needs.

As an email service provider, Bloomreach Engagement enables you to easily send personalized email campaigns to targeted customer segments using a simple visual editor or the traditional HTML builder.

The product recommendations help deliver a personalized shopping experience that drives engagement, brand loyalty, up-sell or cross-sell of products.

Bloomreach Engagement allows you to easily integrate your project with various third-party systems. Integration is required for sending emails or retargeting through Facebook, Google and AdForm.