Product Analytics Dashboard

This guide will help you understand:

What this Use Case does and why we developed it


Analyzing high-level trends in product data can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes. We wanted to provide an easy, automated way to understand your product data and therefore the behavior of your customers.


The Product Analytics Dashboard use case enables you to analyze high-level trends in your product data. It helps you understand what are your most selling, converting, and trending products or categories.

By visualizing your product analytics, you get a better understanding of your customers. Looking at the trends might help you to spot previously unnoticed behavior. You can also use the data to empower your existing campaigns and adjust discounting or promotions.

This Use Case

Product Analytics Dashboard Use Case is a ready-to-use solution summarizing and visualizing your product data.

What is included in this use case:

  • A custom pre-built dashboard with multiple funnels and reports

1. Set up the Use Case

(1) Check the requirements

The following event tracking within the project is required:

  • purchase_item event with event attributes:
    • purchase_status (success/returned)
    • category_level_1
    • category_level_2
    • title
  • view_item with event attributes:
    • product_id
    • title
    • category_level_1
    • category_level_2


If your data are tracked differently than described above, make sure that Data Manager > Data Mapping is set up for your project. This will enable you to map crucial data to your project naming conventions. For more information, see article about cloning.

Address any discrepancies if needed.

(2) Evaluate on a regular basis

All the necessary information is summed up in the created dashboard. The most important metrics are highlighted and additional information is provided in the dashboard notes.

There are no further adjustments needed if you use events as defined in the prerequisites. Otherwise, go through all the reports and funnels and adjust where necessary.

Check the evaluation dashboard regularly to spot any need for improvements as soon as possible.

2. Suggestions for custom modifications

Feel free to add more category levels.