Amazon S3 for Imports and Exports

Amazon S3 is one of the most used cloud file storage. You can connect Amazon S3 file storage with Bloomreach Engagement directly and with support for both data imports and exports.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • how Amazon S3 works,
  • how to set it up in Bloomreach Engagement,
  • in what use cases you can use it.

How the integration works

Amazon S3 Integration allows Bloomreach Engagement to directly connect to your Amazon file storage, and import or export the data from/to this storage. S3 integration also enables Adform retargeting integration.

You can specify the exact region and bucket where Bloomreach Engagement will look for files. In both imports and exports, it includes all features - regex file lookup, new file uploaded trigger and selection rules for imports and dynamic file naming for exports.


  1. Go toData & Assets >Integrations.You will be directed to a page where you can press Add new integration at the upper right corner. At this point, you should be able to + add this integration from the list of available integrations.

  1. In order to complete your integration, you need to generate Access Tokens through Amazons AWS. Each user will have its own access level. To set up the integration, you need to select either "list objects", "read only", or "read all" access level.

  2. To find the already set up integration when importing/exporting your files:
    Simply export your data through the Data Export and in Step 4 you can access the Amazon S3 integration by clicking at Select a File storage integration. You can choose Amazon S3 and by clicking on the + sign you will be directed to the same image as the one above this text.

  3. Save your Access Key ID and your Secret Acess Key. When you will be importing or exporting your data, you can use the already set up Amazon S3 integration.

Use cases

  • One-time imports - Importing historical data, one-time campaign segments
  • One-time exports - export data for defined period of time
  • Regular imports - Synchronization with internal tools (e.g. CRM)
  • Regular exports - daily data exports
  • Exports - Synchronization with internal or campaign tools (e.g. consents, events, segments)
  • Adform - Exporting customers to custom audiences in Adform (handled automatically by Bloomreach Engagement)
  • You can make other connections with Amazon S3 within their architecture. You can store your data and Bloomreach Engagement is able to take them.