Sinch SMS

Sinch SMS is integration for sending SMS messages to your customers. You can find it in Integrations > + Add new integration.

Watch this short introductory video about this feature:


Sinch SMS integration will be set up by our SMS specialist. To integrate, contact your CSM or your technical consultant.


During the integration, you will need to fill out three things:

  • Service Plan ID
  • API token
  • Endpoint region

Service Plan ID will be provided by Sinch. Each service plan comes with a rate limit (based on your Bloomreach Engagement contract) and gets its own message queue (messages are placed in a Sinch queue and sent based on the rate limit).

API token is your authentication token, which is provided for each service plan. You can find it in the Sinch Console.

Endpoint region is chosen based on your region and on the data protection requirements of your country. Other regions may be available on request. Options are:

Project default SMS integration

Go to Project settings > Channels > SMS > Default SMS Provider

Admin can select which SMS integration is used by SMS actions in Scenarios on the project level.

The default SMS provider is CM Telecom, or you can select other SMS integration from the dropdown. You can select Sinch SMS integration that was created from the step above by its name. Multiple SMS integrations can be created, but only one can be selected. All SMS campaigns will be using this one selected integration.

Event tracking

When Bloomreach Engagement sends a message to SINCH, it tracks the response. The SMS provider either accepts the message for delivery or rejects it. Look for error explanations in case of rejected messages.

Bloomreach Engagement tracks campaign event (or mapped event) with these properties:

event propertyvaluedescription
The message was (enqueued) or was not (enqueue_failed) successfully forwarded to the SMS provider for delivery
status"delivered"The message was successfully delivered from the SMS provider to the recipient's handset.
The message was rejected by the SMS provider or delivery to the recipient's handset failed
number_of_message_partsNumberCount of message parts
status_codenumerical codeSee Sinch's Delivery report error codes and SMPP error codes
status_codee.g. 400HTTP code failed requests. See Sinch's HTTP status codes
errore.g. "syntax_invalid_parameter_format"Error code - failed requests. See Sinch's Error codes
commente.g. "The format of a field value is invalid. For example if a MSISDN is not correctly formatted."Error message - failed requests. See Sinch's Error codes

Sinch delivery reports

Delivery reports provide clarity about how many messages and when they have been delivered to recipients' handsets. Sinch SMS integration tracks delivery report events, which can be used in campaign evaluation. In particular, Sinch calls Bloomreach Engagement callback with delivery reports either immediately, as status rejected; or later as statuses delivered and failed, when the recipient's operator responds about the delivery.

SMS campaign events are:

  • delivered - a successful delivery to recipient's handset
  • rejected - a rejection by Sinch (find more details in the error code)
  • failed - an unsuccessful delivery (find more details in the error code)


Waiting period

Some delivery reports may take up to 4 days to receive, depending on the operator. However, users shall not expect delivery reports to be delivered after four days after dispatching because delivery reports are tracked in the first four days after dispatching the message.


Some countries shall not provide delivery reports, including these: Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Germany, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mexico, Nauru, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Wallis & Futuna Islands (Last update 2020-06-04).