It is possible to integrate Zapier with Bloomreach Engagement to track custom events or update customer attributes. The Bloomreach Engagement app requires no action for this integration to work correctly.

Setup process

  1. Zapier is invite-only, therefore, use this link to get access.
  2. Within Zapier, create a new Zap.
  1. Choose your ‘Trigger’ app.


Bloomreach Engagement Integration (under the Exponea name) is only available to use in 'Action' option and not ‘Trigger’ option. Therefore, choose an app you wish to integrate with Engagement via Zapier.

  1. Configure the settings in your ‘Trigger’ app, such as Google Contacts.
  1. Choose your ‘Action’ app - now you can choose ‘Exponea’.
  1. Choose an event you wish to track. Such as “Track Event”.
  1. Configure the ‘Track Event in Exponea’.


The API endpoint URL, which is described in the example above as, should, in your case, always be {{ base URL}}/bulk.

  1. Conduct a test.
  2. And you are done - now you can find your test customer in Bloomreach Engagement.