Magento plugin

Plugin overview

The plugin's primary goal is enabling faster integration of your Magento store with Bloomreach Engagement so that you can leverage our cross-channel automatization, deep personalization, and store optimization features faster. It comes with some key integrations out of the box, with possible changes needed depending on your level of customization of the Magento platform.

Integration includes:

  • Customer Data Feed
  • Purchase Events Feed
  • Product Feed
  • Basic Web Tracking
  • Cross-device Identity Resolution for Logged-in Visitors

Correct configuration allows you to start deploying automation immediately, triggered campaigns, and web personalization that will help you grow your store's revenue.


The data feeds run an initial import when the plugin is activated and then near real-time updates. These run every 15 minutes by default. The imports include:

  • Customer data feed: Customer profiles and attributes
  • Purchase feed: All orders made by the customers (when placed). Guest orders are tracked under the email address. Additional custom attributes can be added by code.
  • Products feed: Products and Variants catalogs. Both of these can be populated. Features near real-time item deletion via Catalog API. Additional custom attributes can be added by code.

The plugin comes with basic web tracking of customer behavior that can be extended by code. This includes customer identification and tracking of basic events, such as view_item, cart_update, and order placed.

Other features include customizable data retention in queues and generated CSV files, a customizable schedule of jobs, and application logs for operations on Magento's side.

How does it work

The plugin is available at Magento’s marketplace and on Github.

First, the plugin shall be installed by your IT team according to the installation manual that we have prepared. The following configuration will require work on both the plugin and the Bloomreach Engagement side.

After correct configuration, the plugin will run the initial import of your historical data, and then subsequent near real-time updates are scheduled.

Initial imports

  1. New data updates are pushed to the queue.
  2. Scheduled job flushes the queue into CSV files.
  3. An Import Trigger API call triggers individual imports with a path to a CSV file.

Near real-time updates (Default: every 15 minutes; configurable by Magento admin)

  1. New data updates are pushed to the queue.
  2. Scheduled job flushes the queue and sends the updates to the Tracking API.

The plugin is fully compatible with the latest stable versions for Magento 2.3 and 2.4, including Open Source (former Community) and Commerce versions (Enterprise). Versions older than 2.3 are not officially supported; however, the plugin can be helpful as a good starting point for custom integrations.