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Learn how to integrate Bloomreach Engagement with your business, how to ingest all your data, and personalize your communication with more advanced technical tools.

Who is this for?

  • FE Developers
  • Head of IT
  • QA/SW tester
  • Anyone who wants to understand Bloomreach Engagement's integration process and options

Overall topics to go through: 8 (covers only the basics)
Overall estimated time: ∼2 hours

1-6 Integration processes

Reading time: 40 minutes


Engagement Integration Course

We highly encourage you to consider taking the Integration Course, which will walk you through web integration using JavaScript and API and show you the best practices with a “try it out” approach.


Learn about StartRight integration, P&P use cases, and how to integrate virtually anything.

1.StartRightLearn about StartRight, your easiest integration option with minimum time to value and effort on your side.
2.StartRight IntegrationsUnderstand the integration process step by step, together with all necessary requirements on your side. Read all the documentation articles in the StartRight Integrations section.
3.Plug and PlayLearn about fully-functional and ready-to-launch use cases that are part of the StartRight Integration.
4.IntegrationsDive into articles about different integration options based on your business goals.
5.Custom IntegrationsFind out how to integrate virtually any third-party application.
6.• JavaScript SDK

• Web tracking
Learn how to integrate your website via JavaScript SDK.

7-9 Data Ingestion

Reading time: 30 minutes


Common misunderstanding

Make sure you have a good understanding of the Engagement's Data Structure, and how the events and Engagement database work. If needed, go back to Step 1 and reread the relevant materials.


Learn to import, clone, and export your data in the right formats.

7.ImportsAll you need to know when importing data.
8.Cloning“Copy-paste” your work from one project to another.
9.Data ExportsExport any raw data in a custom-defined structure to any file storage.

10-14 Developers Advanced

Reading time: 50 minutes

10.API ReferenceNavigate yourself in our API Documentation.
11.[Webhooks] ( Bloomreach Engagement communicate with different services via APIs with Webhooks.
12.Managed endpoints APILearn how to achieve true omnichannel personalization with server-side rendering and personalize any customer touchpoint, while maintaining fast load times, better page performance, and higher security.
13.• Tag Manager

• Implementing via Google Tag Manager
Advanced customer personalization and tracking with the use of JavaScript and HTML code.
14.JinjaPersonalize your customer communication even further with Jinja.


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Mobile SDKsAccess our Mobile SDK guides.
Engagement BigQueryUse this advanced feature to house your data in an Engagement-like scaleable structure.
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Experiments for developersEnhance your Experiments even further.
Email Marketing: PathLearn about email, its integrations, and personalization options, such as transactional emails.
Email Integration ProcessThe email integration process is necessary for starting to use email campaign features in Bloomreach Engagement.
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Find more articles on Integrations in the documentation.

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