Learn how to integrate Bloomreach Engagement with your business, how to ingest all your data, and personalize your communication with more advanced technical tools.

## Who is this for?

  • FE Developers

  • Head of IT

  • QA/SW tester

  • Anyone who wants to understand Bloomreach Engagement's integration process and options

Overall topics to go through: 8 (covers only the basics) Overall estimated time: ∼2 hours

### 1-6 _Integration processes_

Reading time: 40 minutes

Engagement Integration Course

We highly encourage you to consider taking the [Integration Course](🔗), which will walk you through web integration using JavaScript and API and show you the best practices with a “try it out” approach.

Learn about StartRight integration, P&P use cases, and how to integrate virtually anything.

Column Title
Column Title
Column Title
1.[StartRight](🔗)Learn about StartRight, your **easiest integration** option with minimum time to value and effort on your side.
2.[StartRight Integrations](🔗)Understand **the integration process step by step**, together with all necessary requirements on your side. Read _all_ the documentation articles in the StartRight Integrations section.
3.[Plug and Play](🔗)Learn about fully-functional and **ready-to-launch use cases** that are part of the StartRight Integration.
4.[Integrations](🔗)Dive into articles about **different integration options** based on your business goals.
5.[Custom Integrations](🔗)Find out how to **integrate** virtually **any third-party application**.
6.[JavaScript SDK](🔗)[Web tracking](🔗)Learn how to **integrate** your website **via JavaScript SDK**.

### 7-9 _Data Ingestion_

Reading time: 30 minutes

Common misunderstanding

Make sure you have a good understanding of the Engagement's Data Structure, and how the events and Engagement database work. If needed, go back to Step 1 and reread the relevant materials.

Learn to import, clone, and export your data in the right formats.

Column Title
Column Title
Column Title
7.[Imports](🔗)All you need to know when **importing data**.
8.[Cloning](🔗)**“Copy-paste” your work** from one project to another.
9.[Data Exports](🔗)**Export any raw data** in a custom-defined structure to any file storage.

### 10-14 _Developers Advanced_

Reading time: 50 minutes

Column Title
Column Title
Column Title
10.[API Reference](🔗)Navigate yourself in our **API Documentation**.
11.[Webhooks] (https://documentation.bloomreach.com/engagement/docs/webhooks)Let Bloomreach Engagement **communicate with different services** via APIs with Webhooks.
12.[Managed endpoints API](🔗)Learn how to achieve true _omnichannel personalization_ with **server-side rendering** and personalize any customer touchpoint, while maintaining fast load times, better page performance, and higher security.
13.[Tag Manager](🔗)[Implementing via Google Tag Manager](🔗)Advanced customer _personalization_ and tracking with the use of **JavaScript and HTML code**.
14.[Jinja](🔗)_Personalize_ your customer communication even further with **Jinja**.

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## Your onboarding is now complete!

You can further leverage your knowledge with the learning materials below. Alternatively, continue with another learning path to master another area of the tool.

### _Further learning resources_

Column Title
Column Title
[Tips for Importing on Engagement](🔗)[Top Import Issues and Solutions](🔗)See the tips on importing in Engagement shared by our Help Center and learn how to solve the top 10 import errors by yourself.
[CORS issue during Firing API Requests from your Webpage](🔗)Have you encountered a CORS issue? Read about it [here](🔗).
[Mobile SDKs](🔗)Access our _Mobile SDK_ guides.
[Engagement BigQuery](🔗)Use this advanced feature to _house your data_ in an Engagement-like scaleable structure.
[How Experiments work behind the scenes](🔗)Learn how Experiments, Engagement's _website personalization_, work.
[Experiments for developers](🔗)Enhance your Experiments even further.
[Email Marketing: Path](🔗)Learn about email, its integrations, and personalization options, such as _transactional emails_.
[Email Integration Process](🔗)The _email integration process_ is necessary for starting to use email campaign features in Bloomreach Engagement.
[Most Common Jinja Issues](🔗)Solve the most common Jinja errors by yourself.
[Engagement Jinja](🔗)Master _personalization tactics_ and custom use cases with the Engagement Jinja course by Bloomreach Academy.

Find more articles on **Integrations** in the [documentation](🔗).