SendSay integration allows you to send emails through this provider using Bloomreach Engagement’s standard emailing mechanism.

## Setup process

**1. Obtain webhook callback URL from SendSay support** To integrate SendSay with Bloomreach Engagement, you will need to approach the SendSay support and ask them to set up a webhook callback URL in the following format: `<API Base URL>/integrations/sendsay/webhooks/<project_token>`.

**2. Find your API Base URL** To find your API Base URL, go to `Project settings` > `Access management` > `API`.


Afterward, you will be able to edit the callback URL directly in your SendSay account.


If you want to track multiple Bloomreach Engagement projects separately, you will need to create a distinct Sendsay account or sub-account for each project.

After Integrating with SendSay, you can look at [Default email settings](🔗) in order to change it to your default email integration.

## List-unsubscribe

With SendSay, list-unsubscribe works differently. SendSay does not allow Bloomreach Engagement to set its list-unsubscribe header. SendSay forwards unsubscribe requests to Bloomreach Engagement by callbacks, which must be set up within the SendSay settings. Because list-unsubscribe is implemented within SendSay ESP, it is also responsible for updating its internal unsubscribe list.