The ultimate omnichannel marketing solution that includes all your best marketing channels, customer data, AI, and advanced analytics.

# Who is this for?

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# Features

## Data, Execution, AI & Analytics

[Real-time Granular Segmentation](🔗)Target your customers strategically by dividing them into smaller groups absed on a shared characteristic.
[AI Content Generator](🔗)Leverage the new marketing tool to create excellent copywriting directly in the campaign editor.
[Campaign Performance Dashboards](🔗)Make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights into key metrics that enable you to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your marketing strategies for maximum impact.
[Visual Builders & JS/HTML/CSS Editors](🔗)Create stunning websites with these powerful tools that allow you to design, edit, and customize in a user-friendly and intuitive way without requiring advanced coding skills.
[A/B Testing With Automatic Winner Distribution](🔗)Improve the effectiveness of your website with AB testing, a powerful method to identify which version resonates better with your audience and drives more conversions.
[Smart Frequency Policy](🔗)Set generic frequency rules to make sure your customers do not get overloaded by your campaigns.
Real-time [Analytics](🔗) & Data ExplorationGain valuable insights with analytics tools, allowing you to track important metrics and make data-driven decisions to optimize the user experience and achieve your business goals.
[Big Query](🔗)Flexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure to house your data in an Engagement-like structure, frequent data updates ensure that your data is always available on demand for custom analytics using your own BI tools.
[Exports](🔗)Export raw (CSV or JSON) data from Bloomreach Engagement in a custom-defined structure to any file storage via any of the existing file storage integrations (SFTP), (Google Cloud Storage) or Azure Storage.

## Personalized Emails

[Email Sign-up Units](🔗)Accelerate the growth of your email subscriber list by capturing customer data across devices on desktop or mobile.
[Email Templates](🔗)Create a template from scratch or start off with a predefined template from an up-to-date curated library.
[1:1 Optimal Email Send Time Prediction](🔗)Personalize the send time and improve the open or click rates of your campaigns based on customers' past behavior.
[IP Warm-up](🔗) & [Deliverability Support](🔗)Achieve better email deliverability with our bulletproof tips and avoid being marked as spam with IP warm-up, a proven method to gradually increase email sending volume and establish a positive reputation with email service providers.
[Transactional Email](🔗)Deliver timely and personalized communications with your customers and increase engagement with a powerful tool that automatically sends order confirmations, shipping updates, and other relevant information.

## Personalized SMS & Mobile Messaging

[SMS Sign-up Units with TCPA List Validation](🔗)Accelerate the growth of your SMS subscriber list by capturing phone numbers across devices on desktop or mobile.
[SMS Templates](🔗)Create your SMS campaigns quickly and easily with predefined templates.
[1:1 Optimal SMS Send Time Prediction](🔗)Send your campaigns at the predicted optimal times when the customer is most likely to click on the link in the SMS.
[Keyword Response](🔗) & [Offline Text-to-join](🔗)Drive engagement and grow your SMS subscriber list with keyword response and offline text-to-join, innovative tools that allow users to opt into your messaging campaigns via text message and respond to your calls to action, making it easy to reach and engage with your audience.
[Contact Card Creator](🔗)Share your business name, number, logo, and more effortlessly with your SMS subscribers so they can easily save this information to their personal contact list.
[In-app Messaging](🔗)Communicate with your customers during their journey and guide them to take action, providing a seamless experience.
[App Inbox](🔗)Simplify and streamline your mobile app messaging with this centralized location for users to view and manage all their app notifications and messages.
[Mobile Push](🔗)Deliver targeted and relevant messages to your customers, improving user retention and driving conversions.

## Web Personalization

[Real-time Personalized Weblayers](🔗)Transform your website with personalized banners that can be shown on specified pages of your website to a specified audience to drive engagement and conversion.
[Zero-Party Data Collection](🔗)Collect customer data in real time and deliver on demand for both privacy and personalization - all without data from other parties.
[Weblayer Templates](🔗)Save time and effort creating engaging weblayers with our templates that you can easily edit and tailor to fit your brand and goals.
[Web Optimization](🔗) & [A/B Testing](🔗)Maximize your website's potential with a powerful combination of tools that allows you to test different versions of your website, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your website.
[Server-side Testing & Personalization](🔗)Managed endpoints return personalized HTTP responses in a format defined by you, allowing you to truly personalize customer experience on any third-party application or channel.

## Ad Optimization

[Facebook/Instagram Ads](🔗)Boost your business with Facebook/Instagram Ads by targeting lookalike customers or re-engaging past visitors who have not browsed your website recently.
[Google Ads](🔗)Re-engage previous visitors of your online store with tailored Google ads and personalized messages, strengthening customer connections and recapturing their attention.
[Snapchat Ads](🔗)Optimize your marketing campaigns with Snapchat Ads, targeting customers who have interacted with your business and using automated tactics and tailored customer lists to enhance your reach and engagement.
[Facebook Conversions API](🔗)Maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns by tracking and measuring customer actions on your website, providing valuable insights.

## Advanced AI features

[Contextual Personalization for Weblayers](🔗)Tailor your banners to specific visitors based on their behavior, preferences, and interests, providing a personalized and engaging experience.
Contextual Personalization for Scenarios (Q2 2023)Tailor the omnichannel experience to specific visitors based on their behavior, preferences, and interests, providing a personalized and engaging experience.
[AI Product Recommendations](🔗) (Personalized and advanced custom models)Boost your sales with AI-powered product recommendations, using customer data and behavior to suggest products that match their preferences.
[Pre-built Predictions](🔗)Streamline your predictive analytics workflows with pre-built models and algorithms for common use cases, reducing the time and resources needed for implementation.
[Custom Prediction Models](🔗)Make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes with predictive analytics forecasting future trends and behaviors.

## Add-ons

The Enterprise Engagement package includes add-ons:

[Security Upgrade](🔗)Manage access of internal users through centralized identity management with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method.

# Customer Data Engine

This package is further **powered by a [Customer Data Engine.](🔗)** Learn about the features included in the Customer Data Engine [here](🔗).