[Gorgias](🔗) integration is a **customer support platform** that works similarly to [Freshdesk](🔗) and [Zendesk](🔗). It is a helpful tool for your support team when **dealing with customers´ support tickets** on your e-commerce stores.

Gorgias allows you to manage customer inquiries and support tickets from various channels such as email, phone, social media, and chat.

With this integration, you can automatically export information about open and closed support tickets from Gorgias in real time.

Gorgias availability in BETA and on some instances only

This feature is currently available in the **BETA version,** but we are working on its improvement.

Secondly, the Gorgias integration is **available on some instances only. **This means that some single-tenant instances and new multi-tenant instances may need manual activation of the Gorgias integration by the engineering team first. This is generally requested during a new instance setup or can be requested any time later by contacting our Live chat or your Customer Success Manager.

# How the integration works

Using Gorgias can help you improve your conversion rates and customer satisfaction by creating targeted marketing campaigns based on support activity.

  • You can exclude customers with open support from promotional campaigns to avoid overwhelming them with marketing messages.

  • You can target customers who had positive support experiences with promotions for sales or new products to encourage repeat purchases and drive revenue.

Gorgias exports support ticket events in real-time from Gorgias into Bloomreach. Here is the list of the specific events exported to Bloomreach Engagement.

  • Support ticket open

  • Support ticket closed

This means that all requests opened or closed after creating a successful integration with Gorgias will be automatically exported to Bloomreach Engagement and identified to the existing user.

# Set up in a nutshell

Gorgias integration can be set up within a few seconds. You need to log in to the Gorgias platform via your Bloomreach Engagement project.


Before you get to setting the integration up, make sure your project has the following IDs set up correctly:

  • **email_id** - It is a hard ID, lowercased, trimed. Email address is a primary identifier for customers in Bloomreach Engagement.

  • **ticket_id **- It is a soft ID and represents the Gorgias ticket ID.

  • **gorgias_id** - It is a soft ID and represents the Gorgias customer ID.

## Step 1: Authentication

After you have checked your prerequisites, you need to set up the authentication first. Please follow these steps in order to do so:

  1. To integrate with Gorgias, go to your Bloomreach Engagement account and there go to `Data & Assets` > `Integrations` > and select `Gorgias`.

  2. Type your Gorgias subdomain into the _Gorgias subdomain_ field. For example, if your URL used for logging in to Gorgias is _www.your_store.gorgias.com_, then insert only the _your_store_ part of the URL.

  3. Next, click the _Connect_ your Gorgias account with Bloomreach and log in to your account.

## Step 2: Customer ID mapping

Before successfully saving the integration, it is required to define how to display Goagias identifiers like _email_id_, _gorgias_id_, and _ticket_id_ in the Engagement App.

## Step 3: Saving the integration

Once all steps above are done, click on the _Save_ button, and the integration is successfully created. From now on, every support ticket created or closed in Gorgias will be present in your project in Bloomreach Engagement.

After successfully creating the integration, you can see two integrations listed (turned on) under the _HTTP integration_ tab under the _Settings_ tab in your Gorgias account named **_Bloomreach_Engagament_Ticket_Created_**, **_Bloomreach_Engagament_Ticket_Closed_**. If you delete one or both of these integrations on the Gorgias side, the integration will no longer work correctly.

In the case of combining two support tickets into one (for example, ticket A is merged into ticket B), the ticket added to another will **not** be further updated in Bloomreach (ticket A will not receive further statuses in Gorgias).

In the first iteration of the Gorgias integration, ticket events supported are _open_ and _closed_. Statuses like _reopen_, _spam_, _snoozed_, or _deleted_, are not supported in the first iteration (if a ticket is closed and then reopened again, no events will be tracked in Bloomreach Engagement).

# Use cases

**Improve your conversion rates by creating targeted marketing campaigns based on support activity** - exclude your unhappy customers with active support tickets from your marketing campaigns.

**Increase customer satisfaction** - develop promotional experiences that win back unhappy customers and increase customer satisfaction.