Learn to manage the user and access rights of your whole e-commerce team, and handle your customer data responsibly and securely.

## Who is this for?

  • Platform administrators

  • Account admins

  • Project leads

  • Managers

  • Anyone who wants to understand how data is accessed and protected

Overall topics to go through: 8 Overall estimated time: ∼50 minutes

### 1-4 _Administration Basics_

Reading time: 20 minutes

Learn to administer your project, manage access and user rights, and protect your customer's data.

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Column Title
Column Title
1.[Project settings](🔗)Be in charge of **user and project settings**, and learn how to create a new project.
2.[Access Management](🔗)Control the **access rights of your team members** and protect customers' personal data.
3.[Usage Dashboard](🔗)Regularly check **the usage data about your project**, for example, the percentage of storage used or the number of monthly processed events.
4.[Data minimization](🔗)Control the amount of project data and comply with **data minimization** guidelines.

### 4-8 _Security system_

Reading time: 30 minutes

Learn how we protect your data, how to be compliant with GDPR, and how to backup your data.

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5.[Security commitment](🔗)Read about **the precautions _we_ take** to keep your data safe and secure.
6.[Security Architecture](🔗)Understand our **security infrastructure** and learn what multi and single tenant instances are.
7.[Privacy](🔗)**Be compliant with GDPR**. Read through _all_ our GDPR guides in this article to make sure you know how to handle your customer data appropriately and advise your team when necessary.
8.[Data Location and Backup Management](🔗)Learn about your **backup options** before it is too late.

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## Your onboarding is now complete!

You can further leverage your knowledge with the learning materials below. Alternatively, continue with another learning path to master another area of the tool.

### _Further learning resources_

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Column Title
[Creating a new Engagement instance](🔗)Learn how to set up a _new Engagement instance_.
[Engagement's Security controls](🔗) One of the articles: [Bloomreach Engagement Single Sign-On (SAML based SSO)](🔗)Read about _all possible security options_ in Bloomreach Engagement. We advise you to go through each of the security controls and decide which security precautions you want to activate on your end.
[Bloomreach's DPIA guidelines](🔗)Guidelines to assist you with _Data Protection Impact Assessment_.
[Engagement Data Privacy course](🔗)Understand _all the key regulations_ (GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy) and get ready to master any other that may come in the future with the Privacy course provided by [Bloomreach Academy](🔗).

You can find all the articles on **Security and Privacy** in the [documentation](🔗).