In this section, you can find Use Cases that focus primarily on analyzing your customer's data:

  • [**Predefined dashboards**](🔗)

    • [**Email Performance Dashboard**](🔗)

    • [**Conversion Dashboard**](🔗)

    • [**Product Analytics Dashboard**](🔗)

    • [**Retention Dashboard**](🔗)

    • [**Traffic Dashboard**](🔗)

  • [**AB Test Basic evaluation**](🔗)

  • [**Cohort Analysis**](🔗)

  • [**Average Buyer Value**](🔗)

  • [**Purchase and Repurchase Analysis**](🔗)

  • [**Purchase Frequency Segmentation**](🔗)

  • [**Purchase to Session Start Funnel**](🔗)

  • [**Reordering Funnel**](🔗)

  • [**RFM Segmentation**](🔗) (and [**RFM Segmentation - Business Use**](🔗))

  • [**Time Between Purchases**](🔗)

  • [**Time-based Session_start Analytics**](🔗)

  • [**"Weekly Heat-map" Analysis**](🔗)

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge and developing potential custom use cases, you may look into articles regarding [**Reports**](🔗), [**Segmentations**](🔗), [**Expressions**](🔗) or [**Funnels**](🔗)