Enrich your marketing strategy with customer reviews and ratings to **win back lost or unsatisfied customers** by targeting them with **special offers**.

Yotpo Reviews integration enables the **real-time export** of **product and website reviews** from Yotpo to Bloomreach Engagement. Each product or website review is **automatically present** inside Bloomreach Engagement, so you can use review data for segmentations, scenarios and other features.

# How the Integration Works

Yotpo Reviews is a **one-direction integration**, that sends data from Yotpo Reviews to Bloomreach Engagement. **Data is synced in real time** and events are present in Bloomreach Engagement as **`review_` events**, triggered when a review is **created** or **updated**.

# Setup In a Nutshell

## 1. Add New Integration

To integrate with Yotpo Reviews go to `Data and Assets > Integrations > Add new integration > Yotpo Reviews`.

## 2. Authenticate the Integration

To authenticate with Yotpo Reviews, insert **App Key** and **App Secret** which can be found in the [General Settings inside your Yotpo Reviews account](🔗). Copy and paste the App Key and App Secret into Bloomreach Engagement.

## 3. Decide Which Customer ID Should Be Used

You can decide which customer ID should be used for identifying events coming from Yotpo based on:

  • Email

  • Order ID (optional)

  • Yotpo User ID (optional)

## 4. Save the Integration

Click the `Save integration` button. The **successfully saved integration notification** means that you successfully connected Bloomreach Engagagment with Yotpo Reviews.

# Use Cases

Yotpo Reviews integration helps you configure many use cases, a few of them listed here:

  • Monitor and analyze real-time customer sentiments to adapt campaigns and strategies.

  • Create dedicated campaigns for unsatisfied customers to win them back.

  • Segment customers based on review data such as a number of reviews, average score, and average sentiment.

  • Trigger follow-up messages and flows based on review.

  • Announce to a customer that a review was published on the website.

# Limitations

Yotpo Reviews Availability on Some Instances Only

The Yotpo Reviews integration is **available on some instances only. **This means that some single-tenant instances and new multi-tenant instances may need manual activation of the Yotpo Reviews integration by the engineering team first. This is generally requested during a new instance setup or can be requested any time later by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

  • **Status Updated:** The review event with status update represents actions like verifying the review, or publishing it.

  • **Sentiment Attributes:** Sentiment attributes (sentiment_category, sentiment_value) are retrieved only for review events with `status = updated.`