With Analytics Notifications, you can create a notification for any [Metric](🔗). This feature allows you to set up quantitative rules to send notifications to your Notification Center.

Subscribers must be Bloomreach Engagement users. This feature doesn't work with 3rd party email providers.

# Why use Analytics Notifications

Stay on top of your data. Analytics Notifications can let you know, for instance, when

  • some events have stopped from being tracked

  • some segments don't contain as many customers as yesterday and so much more.

# How it works

  1. Go to `Data & Assets.`

  2. Create a metric.

  3. Click the 3 dots in the upper-right corner.

  4. Click Notifications.

  5. Create a new or edit an existing Notification for the metric.

  6. Give your notification a fitting name.

  7. Create a condition.

  8. Fill in the subscribers' emails.

  9. Save the Notification.

Bloomreach Analytical engine calculates the metric and checks the condition once a day (once in 24 hours) at 8:00 am UTC.

# Use Case examples

  • Notifications for a desired goal

    • e.g., a notification for 1,000,000 purchases

  • Notification for Purchases

    • e.g., a notification for fewer than 300 purchases a day to signal that Checkout has an issue

  • Notification for Sign-ups

    • e.g., a notification for fewer than 100 sign-ups a day to signal that the Sign-up form has an issue

  • Notification for Campaigns delivered

    • e.g., a notification for fewer than _x_ Campaigns with an action event status delivered to signal that some settings are wrong.

# Limitations

  • The rule (condition) is checked once a day.

  • The timeframe of event-based metrics cannot be longer than 365 days.

  • Maximum of 5 notifications per metric.