In this section, you can find various emailing use case examples that focus on improving your personalization or audience engagement. The use cases which you can find in this section are:

  • [**Double Opt-in**](🔗)

  • [**Personalized Subject Line**](🔗)

  • [**Automated Email Follow-ups**](🔗)

  • [**Abandoned Cart Campaign**](🔗) (and [**Email Template**](🔗) for it )

  • [**First Purchase Anniversary**](🔗)

  • [**Birthday And Nameday Emails**](🔗)

  • [**Low Voucher Stock Notification**](🔗)

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge and developing potential custom use cases, you may look into articles regarding [**Campaigns**](🔗) such as [**Scenarios**](🔗) or [**Email Campaigns**](🔗)