## Numbers

In order to be able to work with your attributes as numbers (e.g. do mathematical operations with them in reports), you need to pass these arguments in following format:

## Strings

Bloomreach Engagement will handle all quoted attribute as String. Only exception is when you quote a number.

## Booleans

Bloomreach Engagement handles true/false as the format of a Boolean value.

## Objects

In order to create an Object, you need to pass the attributes as follows:

**Tip:** Do not worry if you see [Object object] in Bloomreach Engagement App, you are able to access this object via Jinja in the personalization of email, weblayers, etc.

## Arrays

If you need to track iterable array of any data types, you need to pass it followingly:

## Dates

If you want to use an attribute as a Date in your reports, you need to send it in **UNIX timestamp format**.

In addition, you can also use the ISO 8601 format, as it is partially supported in Bloomreach Engagement (offset is not supported). To illustrate, this will work:

`2018-8-5 12:20:25` `2018-8-5t12:20:25Z` `2018-8-5 12:20:25Z` `2018-8-5 12:20:25.555Z` `2018-8-5t12:20:25.555Z`

However, this will not work: `2018-8-5T12:20:25+1200` `2018-8-5T12:20:25-12:00`

All digits used are taken into consideration as there is no rounding to seconds. Milliseconds and even microseconds are taken into account. For example, if you track for event timestamps `2021-08-16T13:03:00.000001Z`, it will get to our system correctly with all 6 decimal places.