Bloomreach Engagement allows you to integrate your project with third-party systems. Integration is required for sending emails or retargeting through Facebook, Google, and AdForm.

To see your integrations or create a new one, head to `Data & Assets > Integrations`.

Use the navigation bar on the left side to find a guide to each integration. Just so you know, we are constantly working to bring you more integrations.

Custom Integrations

Would you like to integrate an app that is not mentioned in the list below? See [Custom Integrations](🔗).

Permissioned Access to Campaign Event Settings

Campaign settings now have permission access. Any **change to mapping** can be executed only after a discussion with Account Managers.

# Available Integrations in Bloomreach Engagement

## Commerce platforms

Commerce platforms
[**BigCommerce**](🔗) [**Magento plugin**](🔗) [**Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge**](🔗) [**Shopify and Shopify Plus**](🔗) [**Swym**](🔗)

## Loyalty

Loyalty platforms
[**Antavo**](🔗) [**Mention Me**](🔗) [**Talon.One**](🔗) [**Yotpo Loyalty**](🔗) [**Yotpo Reviews**](🔗)

## Customer Support

Marketing automation
[**Freshdesk**](🔗) [**Gorgias**](🔗) [**Zendesk**](🔗)

## Marketing automation

Marketing automation
[**Klaviyo**](🔗) [**Attentive**](🔗) [**ZAP~POST**](🔗)

## Ad Audience Management

Ad Audience Management
[**Adform**](🔗) [**Facebook Conversions API**](🔗) [**Facebook/Instagram Ads**](🔗) [**Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads **](🔗) [**Google Ads Audiences**](🔗) [**Google Analytics Ad Audiences**](🔗) [**Snapchat Ads**](🔗) [**TikTok Ads**](🔗) [**TikTok Lead Generation Ads**](🔗) [**Ads Best Practices**](🔗)

## Content Personalization

Content Personalization
[**Motionlab**](🔗) [**Movable Ink**](🔗) [**NiftyImages**](🔗)

## Email providers

Email providers
[**Emaillabs**](🔗) [**Mailgun**](🔗) Mailjet [**Mandrill**](🔗) **[Responsys Authentication](🔗)** [**Sendinblue**](🔗) [**SendSay**](🔗) [**UniOne**](🔗)

Technical warning about re-using mail API key.

_This issue/bad practice relates to integrations using automatic webhook management, such as Mailgun, Mailjet, Sendinblue, and UniOne if you don't choose the manual setup option._

Bloomreach Engagement allows you to use the same mail API key in different integrations even in different projects. However, this practice is not recommended, because all integrations with the same API key will share just one mail provider webhook for tracking delivered campaign events.

Deleting any of these integrations with a shared API key will result in deletion of the webhook and therefore none of the given projects will have tracking of delivered campaign events.

## Messaging

[**Facebook Messenger**](🔗) [**Infobip SMS**](🔗) [**Infobip MMS**](🔗) [**Sinch SMS**](🔗) [**Sinch MMS**](🔗) [**Sinch WhatsApp**](🔗)

## Data Exchange

File storages and databases
Amazon RedShift [**Amazon S3 for Imports and Exports**](🔗) [**Azure Storage for Exports**](🔗) [**Azure Storage for Imports**](🔗) BigQuery Integration [**Google Cloud Storage for Imports and Exports**](🔗) MSSQL MySQL PostgreSQL [**Hightouch**](🔗) [**SFTP**](🔗) [**Snowflake**](🔗) [**Twilio Segment**](🔗)

Read more about [Databases](🔗).

## Other

[**Amazon Alexa**](🔗) [**ContentSquare**](🔗) [**Recharge**](🔗) [**Zapier**](🔗) [**HTTP Authentication Schemas**](🔗)

If you want to integrate Bloomreach Engagement with a platform that is not listed here, you can check the compatibility in [this Bloomreach Integrations overview.](🔗)

# In-App Documentation

For some integrations (e.g. BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage for Imports and Exports) you can find the setup process for the integration in the Bloomreach Engagement App. You can do so by going to `Data and Assets > Integrations > Add New Integration ` After choosing the Integration and clicking to `Add Integration` you will be faced with the setup guide.