You can integrate virtually any third-party application with Engagement using [Web tracking](🔗), [Mobile SDK](🔗), [Rest API](🔗), or [Imports](🔗).


Data flow in Bloomreach Engagement - from incoming data to our application; to outgoing data to other applications.

**Customer integrations can be categorized into the following sub-parts:**

Push integrations (data is sent to Engagement):

  • [Front-end](🔗) - The data is collected from a customer interacting with some application.

  • Back-end - The data is collected from an application directly, and it is less prone to errors.

Pull integrations (data is requested and collected by Engagement)

  • [Imports](🔗) - Imports are done manually.

  • Integrations - The data is collected from outside storage sources.


Overview: How to send data to Engagement

## Data imports

**PUSH Front-end**

  • **[Web tracking](🔗)** - An efficient and easy-to-deploy integration method that allows for quick collection of user data. It is deployed using a customer JS initiation snippet, which is sent to each customer and allows for communication with Engagement.

  • **[Mobile SDK](🔗)** - It is similar to web tracking; however, it enables for user tracking in non-web mobile applications (done natively for a given phone operation system).

Data can contain minor flaws, as any change in the web where the tracking is conveyed may break the data flow.

**PUSH Back-end**

  • **[Rest API](🔗)** - It allows for standard communications among two applications. A secure channel is used to transmit data.

This method is often slower to set up than front-end integrations but results in more consistent and error-prone data collection.


  • **[Imports](🔗)** - This is primarily a manual way of getting user data into the Engagement app. It is easy to set up as most-used file types are supported for import (.xls, .csv).

The Platform is as good as the data you provide

The Engagement app can perform quality analysis **only** on "good" data. Therefore, please verify the quality of each data import (Engagement app does not perform any data validation or cleaning).

## Data exports

  • **[Webhooks](🔗)** - This feature can send HTTPS requests (GET, POST, etc.) to any URL, allowing for communication and data sharing among Engagement and other web services.

  • **[Data API](🔗)** (all the export/get/retrieve APIs) - It allows for smaller customer data exports (usually single customer access).

  • **[Engagement BigQuery](🔗)** - This feature provides automated daily exports of all the data to a dedicated read-only BigQuery project.

  • **[Exports](🔗)** - It allows for exports of customer data, both properties and events, but it is not suitable for whole data backups.

Engagement BigQuery and Exports are add-on features. Contact your Engagement Representative for more information.