Here you can find guides on how to integrate Bloomreach Engagement with file storage and database applications. This list is not exhaustive as Bloomreach Engagement can be integrated with virtually any [third-party application](🔗).

File storage applications
[**Amazon S3**](🔗) [**Azure Storage Integration for Exports**](🔗) [**Azure Storage Integration for Imports**](🔗) [**Google Cloud Storage for Imports and Exports**](🔗) [**SFTP**](🔗) [**Twilio Segment**](🔗)
Database applications
Amazon RedShift Google BigQuery Azure SQL MSSQL MySQL PostgreSQL (from version 10 and above) [**Snowflake**](🔗) [**Hightouch**](🔗) [**MetaRouter**](🔗)

To create a general database integration, visit our [Databases & Secure Connections guide](🔗).