Let's take a look at how Bloomreach Engagement displays Scenarios.

# Scenario Status

You can filter scenarios that you want to see on your main page through the Status filter


The following labels mean:

  • **Active** - your campaign is running (newly collected event will trigger an action)

  • **Inactive** - your campaign stopped (nothing happens anymore)

  • **Finishing** - your campaign has been requested to stop, however, already running tasks will finish first, and afterward, the campaign will change its status to Inactive

  • **Draft** - Initial state, your scenario has not been started yet

# System Scenarios


Using the `System Scenarios` option allows you to access and check on [Email Campaigns](🔗) as every [Email Campaign](🔗) is in the background created as a `System Scenario`.

# Scenario version history

You can restore accidentally deleted versions and continue working on them. Scenario version history offers also the view of changes, showing specific nodes that have been changed in the scenario. Just go to the specific scenario, click on the three-dots menu, and go to Scenario history.


You will be able to preview the historical changes by clicking on each version, where you can revert to any version or make a copy of it. Nodes that have been changed in that version will be highlighted.


In the list of scenarios view, you can also restore a deleted scenario.